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Dr. Shaunte’ McFarland, Author of Cinderella's Still Going to the Ball

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Today we are interviewing the incredibly talented author Dr. Saunte' McFarland, author of Cinderella's Still Going to the Ball.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a southern girl from a small town in Arkansas called Pine Bluff. I have been an  educator/child advocate for the past six years. I currently live in Hawaii supporting my loving husband who is a  marine and raising our  beautiful son.

What inspired you to write a book about your experience with abuse?
Adrian Peterson inspired me to  write about my experience with abuse. A few months ago I was reading news article about him whipping his son with  a switch. I’m from the south so hearing about a child being whooped with a  switch did not surprise me.  But I saw those scars and became nauseated. I was overwhelmed with sorrow. As I continued to read the pictures of the 3-year old’s bruises and cuts were shown. He had about 40 lashes on his legs, arms, back and unpictured his scrotum. I was mortified. Peterson was sorry for what he did and stated that he was just doing what was done to him  as a kid. I had seen so many stories like this in the past. But this time I vowed to do something more: speak out about my own experiences, how they wrecked me, how they taught me what not to do and how I overcame.

What do you hope readers will take away from Cinderella’s Still Going to the Ball?
The power of forgiveness and awareness. I want readers to see that I am not a perfect person and I don’t claim to be. That I was the recipient of an amazing miracle. That dreams do come true.  That nothing is impossible with God.

Was there a specific incident that started you on your journey toward healing or was it something that was more gradual?

My healing was definitely gradual. I don’t think that I could have healed overnight or in one day. I wanted to, badly. But it was too much apart of me. Taking all of  my hurt away at once would have killed me. I  slowly had to   be unraveled and separated from the abuse that plagued most of my mind. It takes longer to untie a knot than to simply cut it.

Do you have any advice for someone who knows someone who has been abused but does not know what to do?
Expose them to stories of survival and recovery. This will encourage them and make them aware of services that are available to people who have suffered what they have.

Other than your book, are there any other resources you recommend for people who have been abused?
The National Association for People Abused in Childhood is fantastic. They are based in the UK but have great website. You can call and speak with someone, leave an email and download several resources to help you along your journey to recovery.

What do you have in mind for your next writing project?
My next writing project is the companion to Cinderella’s Still Going to the Ball, the devotional. It will give step by step techniques and descriptions of ways to heal from the past.

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book?
I would like for potential readers to know that it is a powerful short read that will propel them into new levels of strength, forgiveness and personal peace.

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