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Interview with Almney King

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Today we are interviewing Almney King, whose works include the poetry collection "The Valley of Anchor" and the upcoming sci-fi adventure novel "All Light Will Fall."

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m majoring in film at the University of Nevada Las Vegas for screenwriting. My hobbies include poetry, photography and acting. In the far future, I see myself becoming an editor. My life’s motto is “Live, Love and Leave a Legacy.” I have a family of five; mom, dad, two sisters and an older brother who now live in Orange California. I plan to attend film school at Chapman University or USC. I look forward to a career as a screenwriter and eventually a screen director.

Your book, “The Valley of Anchor,” has this theme of hope and optimism. What inspired you to write about this theme? 

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Poet/author Almney King.
There are a lot of societal and global issues in this world, and the themes featured in “The Valley of Anchor” is my way to fight against those issues. Writing is not only an art to me, it’s a sword, and a guide, and a form of meditation. The world needs hope, passion, and wisdom,
specially in these violent and trial filled times.

How do you hope readers will be impacted by reading your writing?
I hope that in some way I can challenge my readers to think farther, travel deeper, and express themselves in bold new ways. Writing is a spiritual language, and it’s my deepest hope that my readers use that language to connect with each other in a way that is intimate and honest. I hope readers will break out of themselves; break from society, small mindedness, and the day-­to-day push and pull of life and leave their own special mark.

When did you first get interested in poetry?
When I was young, I became intrigued with the idea that everyone has a story. Everyone has battles and battle scars, and I discovered that poetry was the perfect means to connect and sympathize with others and become a stronger, more compassionate individual. You’re an avid writer, from writing prose to poetry to science fiction.

What do you like most about writing? Do you get something different from each type of writing you do? 
What I like most about writing is the freedom to create. Writing is an art to me. It’s alive and the words I use to write poetry and tell stories have little heart beats. It’s so intriguing for me to have the ability to create worlds and characters that can impact readers in the real world. Both poetry and prose grant me the same kind of freedom. I get a different feel of emotion when I write poetry and prose, but with both works of writing I get the same creative high and sense of accomplishment.

What poets have influenced your writing?
I can’t say that I’m influenced by other poets. There are certain poems that have motivated
me to explore new styles of poetry, but I’m more influenced by life experiences and the human condition.

You’re also active with open mic events. What’s it like to share your work with an audience?
Sharing my work with an audience is the greatest reward as an author. I get connect with people in a deep and intimate way, in a way I rarely get to experience with other people. There’s a sort of energy buzz that I get from the audience. I can feel them, every emotion of every person in the room, and in that moment I’m immediately reminded—we are all connected in more ways than we could ever imagine.

What is the next project you have planned?
I’m currently working on the sequel for my sci­fi adventure novel. I’m also in the process of compiling new poems for my second book of poetry.

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