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Casey Carter, Author of Tie Me Up

Tie Me Up - A BLACK Series Episode, casey carter, romance, erotica
Today we are interviewing Casey Carter about the erotica/adult romance Tie Me Up - A BLACK Series Episode.

Describe the plot of your new book in a few sentences. 
Suffering from a case of writer's block, Beverly needs something to get her creative juices flowing. She tried everything to break the monotony that was dulling her senses. Nothing seems to work until finally, Beverly enlists the help of John. At that point, she wishes she hadn't. What she experiences, while freeing her mind, opens her to a world she can't resist.

Who do you think would most appreciate this book?

Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey, readers of Zane.

What drew you to write a book in the adult romance/erotica genre?

In my own relationships, I realized I wasn’t being satisfied and I began writing about what I thought would give me a fuller experience.  Once I started writing, I realized I wasn’t going to get what I wanted if I couldn’t communicate it to my partner.  So the stories began as a way of being able to tell my partner what I wanted and evolved into a way for me to engage others in conversation about what they really want and how to get it.

As a writer, were you able to empathize with Beverly’s struggle for creative ideas? 

Yes, in some ways, I am Beverly.  Being open in my own relationship has unlocked my sexual imagination which has allowed me to write more freely.

Who was your favorite character to write?

Believe it or not, even though the story is about Beverly, John is the character I love working with.  In Murder, the first Episode between Beverly and John, you get a sense that there is more to John than meets the eye and in Tie Me Up, your suspicions are confirmed.  John brings out who Beverly really is and celebrates that woman.

Is there any aspect of writing you don't like?

I love writing.  I love being able to express what I’m feeling, how I’m feeling, good, bad and ugly.  The part of writing I like least is the moment you decide to share yourself with the world and you sit back, waiting to see if they embrace you or reject you.  I find that utterly nerve-racking.

What do you have in mind for your next project?

My next episode centers around a single forty-something living in the heart of New York City.  Tribeca introduces you to Pamela Johnson and her girlfriends as they deal with dating and being single in the Big Apple.  The Encounter is a follow up Episode to Open House, a story about an Orlando real estate broker who is aggressive both in business and in the bed.

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book?

Tie Me Up is the second story about Beverly and John.  John has become so popular, I’m in the process of drafting an Episode to dig deeper into who he is and I look forward to that because I suspect I’ll discover things about myself I didn’t know existed.

An excerpt from Tie Me Up 

Slowly he lowers his body onto mine.  The heat of his skin instantly lights me on fire.  I’m breathing heavy as I anxiously anticipate his next move.  Knowing John controls my every reaction is deliriously stimulating.  It feels like my nerve endings are all firing at once and the slightest touch detonates mini charges all over my body.
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Craig S Wilson, Author of Gig

Today we are interviewing Craig S. Wilson about his historical fiction novel, Gig.

Gig is up for nomination for the Kindle Scout program. Click here to nominate it.

Book Blurb
Cory Wallace and his band Cornerstone's dreams of glory are tested upon high school graduation into the turbulent late 60's. So is his relationship with childhood sweetheart, Mary Ellen, who is also his song-writing partner. Will the bonds of music and love survive the onslaught of a world of work, war, and social revolution. Cory's grandmother, Winnie Rockwell, is the one constant who's spiritual guidance helps him to discover his true soul.
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Craig S Wilson is a serial creative, who has written 300 songs, three musicals, and three books. He published "Dating for Life" in 2013, a book describing the four keys to maintaining successful relationships. He will soon finishing"RIO", a novel about the quest for survival of a street kid named Lucas Rocha in the glorious and gritty Rio de Janeiro. Gig is a historical fiction based upon his passion for the exploding music scene of the 60's and the wonderment of teenage romance.
Tell us a bit about the cover and the inspiration for Gig.
The cover is designed around a photo of me when I was in an eighth-grade garage band and dreamed, like thousands of kids of that era, about being a rock star. The bold font and colors represent the boldness of that time when dreamers were everywhere, especially when it came to music and love.

What is the inspiration for the story?
I find it fascinating how insulated kids can be in high school, regardless of the era, and how their lives and relationships are altered forever once they are pushed out of the "nest" and into the real world.

Where can readers learn more about you?
Visit my website, www.CraigSWilson.com for my background, current projects, music and videos. Subscribe to my monthly blog and keep updated on new activities.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Joseph V Cassarino, Author of A Simple Guide to Start Overcoming Divorce Pain

a simple guide to start overcoming divorce pain, Joseph V Cassarino, divorce pain, coping with divorce
Today we are interviewing Joseph V Cassarino, author of A Simple Guide to Start Overcoming Divorce Pain.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a retired businessman and father of three. I live a healthy lifestyle . I pay attention to proper nutrition, I spend time in nature every day and I am self aware of my thoughts, words and actions and how they effect others. I strive to learn, grow and evolve daily and I realize my should connects me to the divine which gives me the wisdom to have understanding and compassion towards others and not focus entirely on myself or the needs of my ego.

Describe the purpose of your book in a few sentences.

There is only one purpose for my eBook and that is to inform others how to utilize holistic methods to transcend their emotional pain. Emotional pain is a mindset. After a person becomes clear, centered and balanced, they will realize, there is no problem and the divorce was merely an impetus for their soul's evolution. This is what my eBook helps others realize.

Your own personal experience with divorce motivated you to write this book. Can you tell us a bit about how it inspired you?

I was devastated and heartbroken and I knew I had a choice to either fall apart and spiral downward or to rise up and tap into my inner strength, my spiritual source which resides inside me. I studied extensively on subjects of science, religion, psychology and at the end of the day, I discovered, humans attach to their ego's which is not what we are. Quantum physics now proves, we are noting except energy and consciousness. This being said, I tap into my consciousness and raise my consciousness and transcend my emotional pain. Anyone can do it and that is why I write about it.

In your book, you emphasize a holistic approach to healing heartache pain. Why is this the best approach?

The best approach to holistic healing is combining nutrition, gratitude, nature and self awareness or what some call meditation. People in emotional pain, need to focus on the ROOT cause of their emotional pain, not mask it with prescribed medicine, drugs, alcohol, or other stimulants.

You started out writing articles about heartache for magazines before beginning writing eBooks. What made you decide to write eBooks?

Every editor and publisher published my articles on the spot and praised my writing ability. I received 1000 Facebook Likes in one day on my first article alone. Therefore, after I discovered I have a gift, I decided to write a series of eBooks devoted on the topic of how to divorce pain; which took me a year to complete and I built a website to self publish my eBooks.

Who do you think would most benefit from reading this book?

Any divorced person being the wounds lie deep and most people are not aware how to dig deep through introspection and self awareness. Most people do not understand they have to alien themselves in an all natural and holistic approaches to.

What inspired you to write this book?

Love inspired me. I love every soul; being I fully understand we are all connected and that we are in essence, collective consciousness. This is what the universe is made out of, energy and love. To that end, I love everybody and everything. Quantum physics now proves, even the rocks we view as solid; are nothing except, moving, living energy. Everything in the universe consist of energy, light and love. Once you understand this, it is easy to transcend emotional pain.

What was the most interesting thing you uncovered while doing research for the book?

That we have an inner source, a God Source, a hidden power inside ourself which scientist now claim; is collective consciousness and we can tap into our higher self, being we are  a microcosm, we are the universe living inside our own reality.

How do you think reading your book will impact people?

I know for certain my eBook will change the readers perspective from that of looking outward to looking inward. I know my eBook will inform the reader how to utilize all natural, holistic methods to eradicate his or her emotional pain.

What do you have in mind for your next writing project?

I recently completed a simple to follow 4 Week eCourse for $29 which also provides amazing, life changing methods to transcend emotional pain.

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book?

The information my eBook offers is truly priceless. The content is ripe with positive, inspiring advice, advice certain to help anyone overcome their heartache.

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J. F. Kelly, Author of A Woman's Pleasure

a woman's pleasure, j.f. kelly, romance novel, erotica
Today we are interviewing J. F. Kelly author of A Woman’s Pleasure.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
J.F. Kelly is the pen name of Warren Shepell. His first book, A Woman's Pleasure, was released on Amazon.com in August, 2014. Warren Shepell is a well-recognized pioneer in the field of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and well-being in the workplace, among family members, couples, and individuals.  He started, developed, and ran Warren Shepell Consultants Corp/Warren Shepell-The EAP Professionals/Les Consultants Shepell Ltee. with an employee group of 460 full time and 1500 part time employees which he sold in 2005. He brought the concept of mental health counselling to the mainstream population.

 He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a PhD in Counseling and Clinical psychology. Now, using the pen name of J.F. Kelly, Warren Shepell brings his unique vision to erotic and romance novels and books that will promote women's rights, and equality between women and men not only at work, but also in the bedroom.

As J.F. Kelly, he gives voice to women and the men that respect each other, and to relationships, including erotic and sensual relationships between women and men that embody mutuality in their romantic and intimate encounters with each other.

Three of my favorite sayings personify my writings in A Woman’s Pleasure:

"Each of us has a heart, a soul, and feelings. Each of us desires to be wanted, to be appreciated, and to be loved."

"Making love is not something you do to someone―it's something you share. Lovemaking between men and women should be mutually pleasurably. Both women and men should be fully and completely satisfied."

"If women were totally satisfied with their sexual and lovemaking experiences, women would welcome the lovemaking experience as much as men."

Describe the premise of your book in a few sentences.
The book, A Woman’s Pleasure, captures the sizzling hot, yet romantic and sensually sexual adventures of twenty-five very different men as they encounter their first sexual, most erotic, and most sensual experiences in satisfying the desires of women in the erotic and romance book A Woman's Pleasure.

A Woman’s Pleasure by J.F. Kelly. Hot! Romantic! Erotic!  Each chapter of A Woman's Pleasure is devoted to a different man who is attentive, respectful and loving to women – and with each chapter, I accentuate the book’s purpose as a collection of sensual experiences to enlighten readers on the possibilities and the erotic joy of sexual equality, in and outside the bedroom. Women are always fully pleasured and satisfied. I strips off the abuse and male domination found in books like 50 Shades, instead insisting on giving the readers an insight into the rewards of mutual fulfillment through attentive intimacy, understanding, and romance – keeping things incredible hot without having to resort to extremes.

There are three levels at which you can read the book:
At the first level it is a cornucopia of sexual delights and a great fantasy read for both women and men. It has lots of romance as well as sensual encounters. At the second level, it recognizes that women are wired differently from men and the book empowers women to ask for what will pleasure them and satisfy them in lovemaking encounters. At the third level it is a book that teaches men to be great lovers and how to satisfy their women, and in knowing that by satisfying their women, they themselves will get satisfied.

Who do you think would most appreciate this book?
Women to feel empowered in the bedroom and ask for what pleasures them.
Men to become better lovers in sexual and intimate encounters.
Couples to enhance their lovemaking with the many different sensual, intimate, and erotic experiences described in the book.

What inspired you to write a romantic/erotic fiction that emphasizes the fulfillment of both parties?
When 50 Shades came out, a man dominated and controlled a woman. He practiced bondage and S & M with her. Most lovemaking that is satisfying involves an emotional and loving connection so I wanted to write a book that captured the fulfillment of both parties, where women drive the sexual choices and action as much as men do, and where women have as many sexual fantasies as men do making the erotic and romantic book diametrically opposed to 50 Shades.

Each story revolves around someone from a different background. Why was it important for you to have such a diverse cast of characters?
I set out to demonstrate that there are good men out there than make great lovers.  I wanted to provide a variety of fantasies and having such a diverse cast of men allowed me to do that.  Different women like different characteristics.

Who was your favorite character to write?
All of them really were great to write about.  Some of the men were more erotic in pleasuring their women; other men were more loving and sensual.  Nevertheless, they were always attentive and tuned in to their women, loved their women and always brought them to full orgasm and satisfaction. It was a treat to capture the variety of their lovemaking.

Your book is unique in that it is informative and teaches important lessons while at the same time being sensual and entertaining. Did you set out to write a book that accomplishes both of these goals? Or did it happen as you developed the story?
It happened naturally.  I am trained as a psychologist and I counseled couples for years.  I wrote a sensual, entertaining, romantic, and erotic book but behind the romantic and erotic scenes throughout the book my professional values came through.  Women were encouraged to discard some of the childhood teachings about how a woman should act in sexual encounters with men, women were encouraged to “unguilt” themselves about feeling sexy and enjoying sex. Women were encouraged to feel equal with men in their intimate and sexual encounters. Men were encouraged to see the men in my book as role-models and take the time necessary to make sure the women they are making love with enjoy orgasms and get pleasured.  It is a biological fact that most women take 5 – 6 times longer to release and have an orgasm.  You are so completely right – the book is informative and teaches important lessons while being sensual, entertaining, romantic, and erotic about lovemaking, intimacy and relationships between men and women.

How did your background in clinical psychology and counseling influence your writing?
My training and experience in clinical psychology was instrumental in writing this book.  I wrote the book as romantic and erotic fiction because more women and men would read fiction than if it were written as a textbook.

I am very knowledgeable in relationships between men and women and the psychology and men and women as well as their sexual encounters with each other.  I wanted men to be more aware that they can reach their release in as few as two minutes whereas women often need 10 – 16 minutes.

I know that very few men and women are educated properly in sexual matters, but even less educated in making love and being romantic.  They get into making out with each other and expect fireworks.  Well, it doesn’t happen that way. I wanted to show this but in a positive way through effective and pleasurable intimate lovemaking where there is an emotional connection between a man and woman, even in brief encounters.

Men watch porn which serves primarily only to satisfy men and women are used only as tools for men’s self-gratification.  My clinical psychology experience taught me that couples need to make love, not porn.  Furthermore, porn has men doing many things to women to women don’t like, yet young men graduating into lovemaking think that because they saw it in porn, that women want it.  Maybe a few women do, but most women don’t.

Finally, I wanted men and women to know and understanding sexual and intimate lovemaking can be rewarding and fulfilling for both women and men.  If we want, and we make the effort, we can move sexual expression and experiences from “what was” and “want is” to “what can be”!

What initially attracted you to the genre of romantic/erotic fiction?
I find that sex creates a lot of challenges and problems in both dating and in married situations. If the sex is good and pleasurable, people will stick together in relationships even when the road gets rocky in other areas of the relationship like finance, distance, temptations, parent wishes and demands, etc.  It is always important that men and women get fully satisfied in sexual and intimate relations with each other so my very first impulse was to write a book that emphasizes romance/eroticism in a favorable and positive light.

Also, I am a very romantic, sensual, and sexual person. I am full of wonderful sexual fantasies.  It was natural to write in the romantic/erotic genre.

Is there an author that had a major influence on your writing style?
I like Ernest Hemingway and Thomas Hardy but they did not influence my writing style.  They may in the future, but not in writing A Woman’s Pleasure.  A Woman’s Pleasure is written in a question and answer style where the men are honest and explicit in the way they satisfy their women.

How do you think you've evolved as a writer since when you first started?

This is my first book.

How do you feel about the increasing popularity of ebooks?
I embrace technology.  We are moving in that direction very quickly.  Ebooks are a natural outgrowth of this technical emergence.  Books are heavy and awkward to carry, and especially to travel with.  Many ebooks can be downloaded into one device which is usually light and convenience to use.  My only concern is that there are too many ebooks given away for free or are prices so low that they are literally free.  People five dollars for a cup of coffee.  They should pay that much or more for an ebook.

What are your goals as a writer for the next ten years?
To write a fictional book a year about romance, relationships, and women’s rights in the bedroom and sexual encounters – fiction but with grains of truth.

Have you ever had writer's block? If yes, how'd you deal with it? If you have not had writer's block, why do you think you haven't?
I never experienced writer’s block.  My brain is always thinking and I am filled with images and fantasies all the time.  I listen to others talk and get ideas from them as well, I get numerous ideas from newspapers, magazines, and film.  My advice for people who experience writer’s block is either to recort rather than write their thoughts and ideas and use the recorded ideas for writing or get a good friend to write down your ideas as you speak to them so later you use their notes to write what you said.

What do you have in mind for your next project?
To write a book solely about romance between men and women in relations.

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book?
One of the best things here would be to give you a review that I received from Scott Taylor:

Sex is designed for the pleasure of both parties and women should expect to be satisfied. That is the message in the book - A Woman's Pleasure - written by Warren Shepell, using the pen name J.F. Kelly.

A Woman's Pleasure is about the torrid and hot, but yet romantic, passionate and sensual, sexual adventures and fantasies of 25 different men. The book perfectly captures consensual, mutual lovemaking where women as much as men, drive the sexual lovemaking action and get pleasured equally.

It is no secret that men derive more pleasure from sexual intercourse. A study conducted by Indiana University Center for Sexual Health Promotion found that 85 percent of men said their sexual partner reached orgasm but only 64 percent of women said it actually happened. The report also found that women were more likely to reach orgasm when they engage in a variety of acts.

J.F. Kelly had several objectives when he set out to write A Woman's Pleasure. One of them was to hopefully change the above statistics and bring both sexes on a level playing field as it relates to sex.  He said, "I wanted to counteract the impact of pornography on young men. Pornography shows how men satisfy themselves without much regard for women's satisfaction, and often show men doing things to women that women don't like. I wanted to unobtrusively show men romantic and genuinely lovemaking and that lovemaking is not a one-way street. I also wanted to empower women to ask for and communicate their needs without being ridiculed and dismissed."

A Woman's Pleasure is already generating a positive response among the female audience, since being released on Amazon in July. One reader, Dawn, said "Wow! What a hot, romantic sensual book! Have only read the first few chapters but I love reading the stories of these men's personal encounters." Another reader, Christine said, "I loved it!!! It's better than 50 Shades of Grey!!!"

A Woman's Pleasure is available in paperback and eBook format on Amazon.com in the U.S, Amazon.co.uk in the U.K., Amazon.ca in Canada, and Amazon.com.au in Australia. For more information on the book, visit the J.F. Kelly's website at http://awomanspleasure.com/.

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Derrick Dempsey, Author of A New Bishop

a new bishoop, derrick dempsey
Today we are interviewing Derrick O Dempsey, author of A New Bishop.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm an author of 32 books, from a small town called Williamston North Carolina, 2 hours away from the State Capitol Raleigh NC, avid bodybuilder, air jordan shoe collector, loves to travel, write. Meeting new people, pre cancer survivor.

Describe the plot of your new book in a few sentences.

A young man raised in the Church bred to grow up and become the new Bishop and possibly the Presiding Bishop, after tragedy hits home, he leaves God behind and becomes the opposite of what he has been raised.

What inspired you to write a book about a man of faith who goes from a life of success to a life of sin?
My inspiration was based on my life and the people whom may grew up around me that this same path, this book is non fictional in so many ways, in my life and my peers also. This is a very personal story, not only for me but millions around the world.

Who you think will appreciate this book?

This book will be appreciated and accepted by anyone who struggled with something they weren't brought up in, but redemption is always there.

Is there a deeper meaning in your book other than the entertainment?

Yes it is, the meaning is we all mess up in life but we always come back to what our parents or grandparents installed in us true values.

Who was your favorite character to write?

Joesph. That's my dad's name, and I put alot of myself and my experiences in that character.

What do you have in mind for your next project?

My next project will be a boxer who has to throw his championship fight to pay back the Mafia, no other payment will be accepted, he do it or his life will end that same night.

Is there anything else you'd your like potential readers to know about your book?

The book is great, I feel your enjoy it and it shall hit home, what we all have been released from or what we have stopped doing that may have changed our lives. This is me Derrick Dempsey redemption is always there for us all!

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Carolyn Reinhart MA, Dprof, Author of A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality

a fruit-bearing spirituality, carolyn reinhart, mary grey
Today we are interviewing Carolyn Reinhart MA, Dprof., author of A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
 Carolyn Reinhart MA, DProf, LPRS
Doctor of Professional Studies (developing a spirituality praxis within a multidisciplinary organization.)

I graduated as an RN in 1962 and worked in that field until I moved to the UK in 1974. I completed an MA in Christian Spirituality from Heythrop College, University of London  in 1999 and then a Doctorate in Professional Studies with The National Centre for Work Based Learning, Middlesex University, UK. "Developing a Spirituality Praxis in a Multidisciplinary Organization."
After living in the UK for 33 years, helping to found and develop two Charities, I returned to Canada in 2005 and am enjoying the Arts and Environmental aspects of  Muskoka.

Author Carolyn Reinhart MA, Dprof.
Describe your book in a few sentences.
The book was published in Dec 2013 by John Hunt Publishing, Circle Books, UK.
A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality, is the fruit of years of formal study in the field of spirituality and is combined with 70 years of life experience

Are you ready for an adventure? Whether you are a new seeker or well on your spiritual path, pick up my book as a guide for your spiritual development. A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality explores the emerging spirituality of our time. Both the theoretical and the practical are covered, and there are lots of diagrams to help you to understand the content.

I look forward to your feedback on your reading. Join the conversation on my blog and email me if you have any questions. http://www.carolynreinhart.com/#sthash.mDSWRyWS.dpuf

An Authentic Spirituality for today Within the pages of A Fruit-Bearing Spirituality Dr Reinhart shares a Model for Understanding and Developing Spirituality Praxis (theory and practice combined) while enveloping the personal and social aspects. There is also a basic Model of Inclusivity referring to the Dominant paradigm of oppression and the need for a paradigm shift and new world view. It is not about Religion or Theology but about the Spirit, which no faith has ownership of, and includes perspectives on relationships, context for practice, language, religion/theology, transformation and quantum physics.

When did you first become interested in spirituality?
I have been “interested” in it all of my life. But as a separate and new academic subject, not until 1997 when I began my MA at Heythrop College, University of London. It was a new subject and field, although still under the Theology Department. Since that time the field and understanding of spirituality has grown in leaps and bounds, in every way, and almost every field laying claim to its own understanding of what “spirituality” is and means within their field eg psychology and spirituality, environment and spirituality. It is a greatly misunderstood word and like a slippery eel but also very elastic and inclusive of all.

One of the things you write about in your book is that spirituality is both personal and social. Can you elaborate on this a bit?
Some people seek and understand “spirituality” as a very private and personal aspect of their lives and they are trying to find an understanding and practice which enables them to find answers to life, death, suffering and meaning etc which will then bring them the peace which they seek. However, we don’t live in a vacuum, but are social beings, living in an inter-connected way, within our global home and universe. We are connected to all that is and so interface, interact and affect each other. Spirituality is therefore understood also as “social” – in that it is seen through the lens of where and how we live our lives within our contexts. If we “walk the talk”, practice what we preach, with all aspects of our lives integrated since they are part of a whole: body, mind and spirit within our relationships, families, groups, work places, countries, churches and our entire larger global context, then our spirituality is indeed social. We are not isolated from each other, there are no either/or’s, but both/and’s – without dualisms. We are one.

You write about on the link between science and spirituality. When did you first begin to research this link?
During the MA we read books by Danah Zohar on Quantum Physics – “The Quantum Self”. “Anyone not shocked by QuantumTheory has not understood it” (Neils Bohr) “The day will come when after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love. Then for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire" - Teilhard de Chardin.

These are the two quotes which I have on the very first page of the book. For me they are essential to embrace as part of our understanding of life.

She asks questions at the outset, such as:

•    Who am I?
•    Why am I here?
•    What is my place in the scheme of things?
•    Why is the world like it is?
•    What does it mean that one day I must die?

These are some of the key questions of urgency that many of us have, often with no real answers. Quantum science shows us that we cannot separate ourselves from our environment, helping us to understand our everyday life and our relationship to ourselves, others and the world at large. In this century we have particularly experienced a particular form of alienation so that we feel like strangers in this universe. Now as we get in touch with our consciousness we are less alienated from Nature and experience being more a meaningful part of the scheme of things.

What do you hope readers get from reading your book?
My intention was to make a book available which presents a well-researched, authentic theory of what “spirituality” means today, which is the fruit of Doctoral studies. By including the visual concepts, way markers and guidelines, as well as website reference pages as well as current news blogs, I intend it to offer a wide range of resources, which readers can use for further study.

What do you have in mind for your next writing project?

I don’t intend to “write” a book as such, but do continue to research on a daily basis, blogging frequently with current relevant global events and oversights.

Anything else you'd like to tell potential readers?
“Spirituality” as a field continues to be somewhat vague, wide ranging, misunderstood and confusing, since it is still linked in many peoples’ minds with church, religion, dogma, theology, rules and regulations with hierarchical oversight and control. There is also an attendant need for an authentic, sound and healthy understanding of the theory of spirituality. The difficulty is that so many people and professions assume an understanding and “market” that as valid and bone fide, like self-styled gurus. However, thankfully, we can often tell by the “fruits” of their lives and their practice if there is the necessary integration. Many people are seeking answers outside the “churches” and don’t find it easy to find appropriate and safe contexts to continue their searching.

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Marion L. Cornett, Author of Juniper and Anise

juniper and anise, marion l. cornett, Prohibition Era, bootlegging, rum-running, small town, bathtub gin, Purple Gang, Flapper, speakeasies
Today we are interviewing Marion L. Cornett, author of the historical fiction novel Juniper and Anise.

Book Blurb
My historical fiction novel, Juniper and Anise, is a story of a woman bootlegger during the Prohibition Era. Hulda Pearl Rose arrives from Poland with only a few coins in a tattered potato bag, but soon finds a way to make money with her bathtub gin concoction. She dreams of becoming a "flapper" during the headiness of the Roaring 20s. All of this puts her in contact with members of the Detroit Purple Gang. Delve into this novel through the eyes of a small-town sheriff and a young gal, whose life will be changed forever.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

After self-publishing two local history books and becoming very interested in the early 1900s events and happenings, a story began formulating centering around how a woman would survive, by herself, during that time. 

Describe the plot of your new book in a few sentences.

Hulda Pearl Rose is a refuge, coming to America from Poland after her family is murdered, and finding herself poor and homeless. On a chance, she boards a train and ends up in a small town in mid-Michigan after befriending an older woman. As the story progresses, Hulda finds the only way she can make money is to manufacture bathtub gin but she dreams of glamour and excitement and soon gets involved with members of the Detroit Purple Gang.    

What inspired you to set a book during the Prohibition Era?

I happened upon an article in a local newspaper of a couple of rum-runners leaving a trail of alcohol out of the back end of their car as they drove through town. When they were arrested, there were over 100 quarts of bathtub gin hidden in the car, some of the bottles broken from the jostling. When I read that article, I knew I had a story to tell.

Who do you think would most appreciate this book?

Anyone interested in the history of the early 1900s will find this informative and, yet, it reaches across the genres as the story is character-driven and the reader will get to know some wonderful people.

Who was your favorite character to write?

Izzy Bouchard, a young gal Hulda befriends, who “says it like it is.” They soon become family to each other.

What techniques did you use to capture the spirit of the Roaring 20s?

After a great deal of research, I feel I captured the tenseness and excitement of speakeasies. But, one technique I did employ, was to include musical lyrics of some of the popular songs back then. The wording helps to set the mood.

What do you have in mind for your next project?

I am working on a companion novel—same era and same village—with all new characters, although references are made back to some of those in Juniper and Anise. This novel is a bit more of a love story between two young people.

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book?

I used to be the worst one that would fake a huge yawn when I heard the words “historical fiction” mostly because they seemed like long, drawn-out history lesson. Juniper and Anise is definitely not that. The reader might learn some history but this story is fast-moving, has great characters, and spans across multiple generations. 

More Information


Crystal Tummala, Author of Grandma's Wisdom for Business and Life

Grandma's Wisdom for Business and Life: Proven Success Principles Which Built an Accomplished Home Based Business, crystal hutchinson tummala
Today we are interviewing Crystal Tummala about her non-fiction/business book Grandma's Wisdom for Business and Life: Proven Success Principles Which Built an Accomplished Home Based Business.

Describe the purpose of your book in a few sentences.

Take charge of your life and start your own business. This book will show you the right way to do it. Grandma's Wisdom will serve as a timeless informational and inspirational resource for the creation and operation of your own home based business. It is designed to be an easy-to-read, practical, common sense approach that will take you from developing your business idea, the evaluation of the home based decision, business formation, advertising, legal considerations, business growth and the maintenance of a work/life balance. The book is enhanced by the inclusion of richly detailed stories about a successful woman business owner, Alles Hutchinson, who was a pioneer in the machine knitting industry. She was an author of over 24 books and a publisher of an internationally read monthly newsletter. Benefit by the lessons she passed along to her granddaughter, Crystal Tummala. Apply the lessons in this book to take charge and achieve the life you want.

Who do you think would most appreciate this book?

Anyone who wants to start their own business

Do you remember a particular moment when you realized the value of your grandma’s wisdom? Or was it something you knew all along?

It was not until I was an adult and I started to see the amount of drive and determination it takes to own and operate my own business that I truly appreciate everything my grandma accomplished and talk me through her actions.

Can you give us an example of one of your grandma’s many principles that guided her?

My grandmother believed in comparison shopping.  She would check with no less than three suppliers and she asked each of them to give their best quote and she let them know she was shopping the market.

What do you think inspired your grandma to be so dedicated to reaching her goals?

Necessity.  My grandmother knew she needed to have more money coming into the house she rather than go out an get another job she learned that she could create and produce a product (magazines and how-to books) and mas produce them in order to leverage her time.  This is something women did not do in the  1970s and this was all pre Internet.

What do you hope readers will get from reading your book?

If they have an unwavering desire to run their own business I will show them the fundamentals she applied to get that business up and running.

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book?

This book is a celebration of the life of Alles Hutchinson.  When you create something it lives even beyond you.  Her book are still available on Amazon today even though she has been gone almost 20 years.  A job will not get you that.  Don’t settle for less than what you are capable of doing.

More Information
Buy the book on Amazon
Read an Interview About Crystal's Divorce/Custody Book

Friday, February 20, 2015

Ashleigh Zavarelli, Author of Under the Cypress Tree

under the cypress tree, ashleigh zavarelli, contemporary romance
Today we are interviewing Ashleigh Zavarelli, author of the contemporary romance novella Under the Cypress Tree.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a Montana Native currently living in South Australia. I freelance as a Ghost Writer in my spare time, and spend most of my days reading and writing with a cat somewhere nearby. When I’m not doing that I like to travel and explore new places.

What do you like most about writing contemporary romance?

I like writing contemporary romance because I feel like it gives the reader that sense of being fully immersed into the story. A place or a situation that they can imagine themselves in, and a feeling of… hey that could happen to me.

Who do you think would most appreciate your novella?
Anyone who likes romantic stories with a happy ending. People who enjoy characters who are a little different from the norm.

Who was your favorite character to write?
In this story, I would have to go with Archer. He was just a guy who got himself into a tough situation and did the best he could to survive, ultimately hurting some people along the way. I sympathized with him, but at the same time fell for his charm and easy going demeanor. 

How do you think you've evolved as a writer since when you first started?

I think one of the biggest obstacles for me was learning to let characters have their flaws and own them. I am sometimes afraid and think, oh this one is too deeply flawed and people aren’t going to like him or her. But now, I just roll with it and stay true to the characters and the story that they have to tell.

How do you feel about the increasing popularity of ebooks?
Well speaking from a Kindle addict’s perspective, I’m all for it. I love how easily accessible books have become, and even better the opportunity for Indie Authors to get their work out into the world.

What are your goals as a writer for the next ten years?
I am continually learning and growing as a writer, and I hope I will continue to do so in order to be the best that I can be. I’d like to publish all of the works in progress that I have going at the moment, and to bring readers characters that they will love and remember for years to come.

What do you have in mind for your next project?

I am currently working on Roxy and Bentley’s story for the second Novella in this same series. After that, I plan to finish a story that I’ve been working on that’s a darker, grittier read.

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book?
Just that it’s free on Kindle Unlimited right now, and $.99 to purchase. I hope they will give it a read, and leave me some feedback when they do.

Book blurb for Under the Cypress Tree:
When Archer blew out of town six years ago, he took Annabeth Richard’s heart with him. With a head full of hope and promises, she waited for his return. But when he didn’t, Annabeth was left to pick up the pieces without him.

Archer Beaufait signed up for the Army fresh on the heels of Graduation. He wanted to make something of himself, but he never expected to be going to war. He’d made his fair share of mistakes, but after six long years, he realized it was time to come home. The only problem was, the life he’d left behind and the people he hurt weren’t real eager to see him return. Especially not Annabeth Richards.

When the two meet again, old wounds are brought to the surface along with some feelings that never quite went away. But when secrets start coming out of the woodworks, and they realize that time has changed them both, it’s one obstacle they aren’t certain they can overcome.

More Information
Under the Cypress Tree on Amazon
Under the Cypress Tree on Goodreads

Richard Titus, Author of The Gift of Quoxxel

the gift of quoxxel, richard titus, ya fantasy, young adult
Today we are interviewing Richard Titus about his YA fantasy novel The Gift of Quoxxel.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Your “basic, garden variety, introverted arts nerd” about sums it up.  My mother recalls that I was “always making something.”  With my dad’s tutelage, that included, among other things, assorted models (both wood and plastic), a crystal radio set, an eleven-foot sailboat (we never quite finished) and anything we could cut out on the jigsaw and hammer together in Dad’s basement workshop.  On our own, my siblings and I were often sprawled on the floor, hard at work with paper, pencils and crayons.

My interests were always in visual arts, music and language.  The language interest was first put to use when I received Russian language training in the Air Force.  Having seldom been outside of the Midwest, a three year tour in West Berlin was an education in of itself.

After the Air Force, I studied at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and worked a few years doing illustration and graphic design.  Fast forward a few years and I found myself in the lovely Garden State, close enough to experience Manhattan without having to be a full-time resident.

Language played a role in my life again about this time.  I met a Ukrainian couple who had, at that time, been in the States about two years.  We agreed to an “tutoring exchange” arrangement – they would help me learn more Russian and I would teach them English.  To give you the Reader’s Digest condensed version, I’ll just say that I met my wife Marina through this couple (who just happened to be her aunt and uncle).

There have been many extreme and convoluted happenings along the way but that is your basic freeze-dried, just add water condensed version of the art nerd from Michigan. 

Describe your new book in a few sentences.

King Norr of Nibb was not content.  He longed to know of the world beyond his tiny, island kingdom.  Why travel elsewhere, his people said. What place could possibly be more perfect than Nibb?

What frustrated Norr even more, outsiders never came to Nibb.  Foreign ships approached, hesitated, then sailed away.  Why was that?

And that wasn't the only mystery.

Who was the little girl who sang, but would not speak?

What kind of monster lurked in the bay?

Had Dr Hinkus been devoured by woolly drumbkins?

And most importantly, what’s for lunch?

Drearily perfect Nibb was about to turn upside down.  As King Norr often said, it's enough to give one "haddocks."

What inspired you to write this book?
This was the process of "writing a story backwards."  First, you start with an illustration and then write a story around it.

It all started with this painting -- The Return of the Quoxxel anticipated by the citizens of Nibb  --       a 16 x 20 inch oil painting on panel finished in 2005.

I had no idea of a story when I did this painting, yet, the image suggested it represented an event “somewhere."  Apparently, it was up to me to write about it. 

After much trial and error, I arrived at the end product -- The Gift of the Quoxxel.

Who was your favorite character to write?
They were equally fun but the most challenging had to be the pirate characters.  As they were based somewhat in historical reality, I researched The Golden Age of Pirates (approximately 1660-1730) for background details and jargon of the day.

What was the creative process like for you?

Trial and error.  That is, pursue one plot path, see where it leads.  Doggedly slogging through that jungle brings one finally to a rewarding end.

It says in your biography that you have written a lot of material, but never had it published. Do you intend to share this work in the future?
Most of what I have written is song lyrics for melodies I composed.

I read an interview with Judy Collins once where she expressed that song lyrics are not poetry.  This may be true for most pop music, but the approach I took was to write words that had their own value independent of music. 

That being said, I’m not highly trained in music theory, so I’m in the process of having a transcriber write the sheet music from recordings I provide her.  I hope to put all the songs into a collection if only to have a permanent record of them.

Is there an author that had a major influence on you while you were growing up?
I don’t recall any one author having a major influence on me.  It was adventure enough reading Mark Twain or the various books offered by our community “bookmobile.”  I recall the Hardy Boys and Tom Swift filling our home book shelves at one time.  There was always something interesting to read about the house.
What do you have in mind for your next project?
I’m sketching out another story set in Nibb.  Core characters will be back, new characters will show up.  Nibb, as it turns out, is a sort of Nexxus for weirdness.  And, as King Norr says, “If you like that sort of thing, then that’s the sort of thing you like.”

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book?

I intend to add more illustrations and possibly some more music to “The Quoxxel” and the abilities of Kindle can be thanked for that.

I’m not sure how many people know that, once purchased, the Kindle book can be updated for free to receive a revised edition.  One need only contact customer service and request an “update” free of charge.  I’ll be posting on The Gift of the Quoxxel Facebook page when a revision is available at which time an owner of the book can call customer service and request the update.

With Kindle, we may have lost the homey, tactile quality of the paper book, but, we’ve gained other book qualities that were heretofore never imagined.

Book Excerpt
To read an excerpt of The Gift of Quoxxel, go to: http://www.richard-titus.com/GotQ-01.htm.

More Information
The Gift of Quoxxel Facebook page 
The author's website
The Gift of Quoxxel on Amazon 

Vladimire Calixte, Author of Naked and Transparent: Six Vital Tools for Knowing Yourself and Attracting Healthy Relationships

naked and transparent, vladimire calixte, new york psychotherapist, healthy relationships
Today we are interviewing Vladimire Calixte, LMHC, CRC, author of the self-help/personal development book Naked and Transparent: Six Vital Tools for Knowing Yourself and Attracting Healthy Relationships, coming in December.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Vladimire Calixte and I am a New York psychotherapist and the owner of Life Rebuilding. I specialize in individual, couple, family and group therapy with a strong concentration in relationships, self-esteem, domestic violence, bullying, trauma recovery, PTSD and addictions. My passion is to help people live powerful lives. As such, I have appeared on Here and Now with Sandra Bookman, CBS radio, Fox News radio, CentricTV.com  (BET Networks), and has been featured on Heart & Soul Magazine, Ebony Magazine, Hot 97 FM’s Street Soldiers with Lisa Evers, The Jennifer Keitt Show, and many others.

Describe the purpose of your new book, Naked and Transparent: Six Vital Tools for Knowing Yourself and Attracting Healthy Relationships, in a few sentences.
Naked and Transparent: Six Vital Tools for Knowing Yourself and Attracting Healthy Relationships is for the person who is suffering in silence from rejection, abandonment, abuse, low self-esteem, hurt, pain and many other areas.  Part workbook and part memoir, Naked is an enjoyable yet informative must-read for women, men, and teens who suffer from low self-esteem, unworthiness, anxiety, shame, guilt, feelings of failure, and toxic relationships.

What inspired you to write about dealing with issues, such as low self-esteem?
I know what it feels like to grow up without a father. My mom did her very best as a single mother; however, my father’s absence was very painful for me for a long time. Living that experience was source of hurt, anger and feelings of diminishment. I know the feeling of “emptiness” and “worthlessness” because I thought at the time, that maybe I was not good enough for my father to stay around. Conversely, when I came to the understanding through self-awareness that he chose not to be around, I was able to journey from pain to inner peace.  The purpose of writing this book is to help readers find purpose in their pain by coming to know themselves at their core. Once you are self-aware, you become relationship conscious. We all bring our fears, vulnerabilities, emotional wounds, and issues from our past relationships to our new relationships. Until these issues are dealt with, they will infect every aspect of a person’s life. We cannot change what we are not aware of. Self-awareness allows us to pose the following question to ourselves: “Who am I attracting and why am I attracting this kind of person?”

When did you know you wanted to become a psychotherapist?
 I always had a very strong passion to help people. I have always felt a connection with people in a variety of different ways. From a very young age, I have felt a connection with people in terms of how they are feeling. People would confide their innermost thoughts with me, as they trusted me. Additionally, they sought advice from me. Finally, I have always been told that I am not judgmental. As such, becoming a therapist was a natural fit, as it enabled me to help people at a greater scale. It is an awesome privilege-one I do not take lightly to help people make better life choices. To help them consider how they can get better over time.

How do you think reading your book will impact people?
In Naked and Transparent: Six Vital Tools for Knowing Yourself and Attracting Healthy Relationships, I reveal essential tools that will not only empower women and men who experienced abuse in their relationships, but will also provide tools for people who want to attract healthy relationships.  My new book will help people break the cycle of emotional and physical abuse because it helps people reclaim their power, embrace their true selves, and make healthier choices in life and love.

What do you have in mind for your next writing project?
I have a children’s picture book coming out in the summer of 2015 called The Power of My Word

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book?
My greatest accomplishment is helping people make radical shifts in their thinking and behaviors so that they accomplish their goals and live the life of their dreams. Rebuilding is so very important, as I believe that no matter what happens in life, we are all powerful, and can accomplish anything through self-love and the right mindset. I am passionate about teaching people how to succeed in the midst of adversity and challenge them to grow beyond their own expectations or perceived limitations.
“My passion is to help YOU succeed by meeting you where you are and helping to take you where you NEED to be.”  And this is what I hope to accomplish with Naked and Transparent.

More Information

Visit the author's website for more info about her book and her other work

Monday, February 16, 2015

T. Denise Manning, Author of Imagine Potential

t. denise manning, imagine potential, self help, inspirational book, inspire girls
Today we are interviewing T. Denise Manning, author of the self-help/inspirational book Imagine Potential (Imagining your possibilities and reaching your full potential, Life Coaching Guide to Success).

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m just a woman that has applied her lessons, her mistakes, and her experiences to my life and used them as motivation. I wear many titles but at the end of the day, I’m a woman that lives to inspire others.

Describe your book in a few sentences.
Imagine Potential is an inspirational guide book for girls age 12- 18 however any young woman can benefit. The book is a reminder to never give up, punch fear in the face, jump the hurdles to your success and much more! The book also has worksheets in the back to inspire every girl to write down her goals.

What motivated you to create a movement based around inspiring girls?
I was motivated to INSPIRE girls to imagine their potential because of working with youth for over a decade now. It seemed right and natural!

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges facing girls growing up in modern society?
Self-esteem issues. Girls need to realize that their worth is not validated by someone opinion of them. Girls need to realize that they define their worth and who they are.

How do you hope reading your book will impact readers?
I hope it inspires girls to imagine their potential… whatever that is!

Outside of your book, what other resources would you recommend for empowering girls?
I encourage all girls to find a mentor! A mentor that they respect, someone they can talk to and coach them along.

What do you have in mind for your next writing project?
I’m just finished my first children’s book titled “ I’m Unique” its an inspirational book for girls 0-7 years of age!

More Information
The inspire a girl movement website 
Buy the book on Amazon
Visit the author's website

Dee Dawning, Author of Naked Research

dee dawning, naked research, erotica, romance, new dawning, sex book, threesome
Today we are interviewing Dee Dawning, author of Naked Research.

Tell us a bit about yourself:
First of all, I have a 'Y' chromosome. Yes, I'm a man who has been writing, among other things, romance & erotica since 2003. I've lived in the Valley of the Sun since 1990 and currently reside in the northernmost suburb of Phoenix, Carefree AZ. Prior to that I lived in Sin City, NV for thirty seven years.

Describe Naked Research in a few sentences.
The Blurb says:
Rebecca Roth, who authors erotic romance novels, writes from experience. Only her latest book is about something she has never experienced—a ménage à trois. At 36, Rebecca is no youngster, but she can still turn heads when she wants to, and tonight she wants to. Her mission is to experience sexual fulfillment in the arms of two reasonably handsome men, so she can finish her latest novel—a sizzling ménage a trois. Kevin MacCloud definitely fills the bill but where can she find a third? Then Kevin volunteers, Vince, his movie-star good looking roommate and the deal is sealed.

Who do you think would most appreciate this book?
Everyone…over eighteen. Seriously, Naked Research is a book that almost every romantic should enjoy.

What inspired you to write an erotic romance novel about a romance author doing naked research, so she can finish her book?
I wrote Naked Research several years ago, so I don't remember what prompted me to write it other than I thought it would be cute to write a story about an erotic romance author writing an erotic romance book. If I might toot my own horn, NR turned out to be one of the best of the fifty some titles I've churned out. It's funny, well written and has some great lines. It also has three of the best secondary characters I've come up with in Zoe, Rebecca's personal aide, who's been fired and rehired more times than either of them can count and Saul and Gerta who own a Jewish deli down the street from Kevin and Vince.

Were able to use your experience as an erotic romance author when writing Rebecca Roth?
Of course my experience helped, especially in the searing hot romance and sex scenes, but in the end Becca (Rebecca) told me what to write.

What was your favorite part of the book to write?
I'd say the beginning, middle and end. No, I'm not being cute. The beginning of the book, one of the best I've ever written sets the tone for the book and it has some great lines like "When I'm not carousing bars trying to pick up devilishly attractive authors, you mean?" and  "Maybe later. For now, come over here with your amazing tongue and help me be bad."

In the middle, there's a scary action scene where Becca, who goes by DeDe in much of the book, beats off two persistent aggressive cowboys. It was her fault they were persistent, but you have to read the book to know why.

And then there's the ultra romantic finale which leaves the characters breathless and the readers with a smile on their face.

What do you have in mind for your next project?
I'm currently working on book four of my erotic Consequences series, $ex in $in City and book four of my Televangelist series, The Godless Preacher. Other WIP include Cowgirls, (self-explanatory) Rejected, (book three of Letta Storm series) Wicked Wives Club and about a dozen other works. I just a typical author with more ideas than time.

Anything else you'd like potential readers to know?
Absolutely. I hope you'll read Naked Research or any of my forty plus titles. I also hope you'll sign up for my monthly newsletter by visiting my website at www.deedawning.com and signing the guestbook. Or you can sign up for my newsletter by emailing me at deedawning@hotmail.com. Also feel free to visit my publishing site www.newdawningbookfair.com for great books by other authors as well as mine.

More Information

Buy the book on Amazon 

Jeremy Hanson, Author of Blood of the Wolf

blood of the world, jeremy hanson, Werewolf, Vampire, Angels, Demons
Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a 37 year old husband and a father of a beautiful little girl. I am a SciFi/Fantasy and Current Events writer. I am also a psychic and ordained minister. My eclectic background and years of research on various subjects has given me an endless supply of inspiration to write about many different subjects. Whether it be through my songwriting, poetry, blog posts, or my books.

Describe your book in a few sentences.

Blood of the Wolf strives to take a fresh look some common creatures and spiritual beliefs while taking the reader in a different yet believable direction. The story follows the lead character Michael through an adventure of self discovery as it takes him down a path that will require him to make some very tough decisions in order to protect the ones he loves. Michael as well as the reader will come to find that everything they thought they knew about werewolves, vampires, angels and demons was only a sugar coat reality to save the child in all of us from the nightmares we would endure if we knew the truth.

Who would most appreciate your book?

I think anyone that has a love for the supernatural as well as anyone that loves very descriptive and graphic storytelling would get a kick out of this book. I have tested the book with various age groups and have found that there is no real age range when it comes to the appeal. Every bit of feedback I have gotten from people ranging in age from 18 to 60 has been great. Everyone loves it and wants more.

What inspired you to write your book?

This book as with all my writing was inspired by my dreams and my own philosophical views on life. This book in particular however stems from my own love for the supernatural along with my personal knowledge and experience with it. I have found over the years that a lot of what people read about supernatural beings and experiences couldn't be further from the truth and is most times embellished or polished to make it more appetizing. I like the dirty truth, the blunt facts; I don't like to pull punches just to save someones feelings. I like stirring up those emotional feelings in the pit of peoples stomachs because that is the core of a story you hate to put down.

Although your book is a scifi/fantasy book, it contains serious commentary on humanity. Is this something you set out to do? Or did it just evolve naturally? 

This story started out like all the others; it was just a cool idea. As it evolved however and I added the parts of me that make my stories so real and emotion stirring, it took on a life of it's own and started writing itself. It was like letting my subconscious spill forth on to the page.

Who was your favorite character to write?

My favorite character always has been Michael/Bloodfang because he is so like me. For all intents and purposes, minus the jaw dropping power he possesses, he is me. Right down to the name “Bloodfang” which is a name that was given to me by a Native American shaman. It meas “Destroyer of Evil”.

How do you think reading your book will impact people?

If the feedback I have gotten is any indicator I think people won't be able to put it down and will be left begging for more once they finish the book. Luckily it is the first in the series and I have 8 more books planned. If it can just make people think, smile, cry, laugh, or gasp in shock then I've done my job.

What is your favorite genre to read?

I actually enjoy reading books on Philosophy, Theology, Mythology, religious practices and beliefs of different cultures, and History because if we don't know our history then we are doomed to repeat it.

Can you tell us a bit about your writing process, from initial idea to line editing?

All my stories usually start with a dream or a flash I get in meditation. From there I write a rough outline so I know where the book is going from beginning to end. Once I have the outline I kind of let my subconscious take over. I go into somewhat of a zone and it almost becomes free writing; like I have a muse working through me. After the book is written I usually edit it about five or six times before I am happy enough with it that I am willing to release it to the public for their enjoyment.

What do you have in mind for your next project?

I'm actually taking a short break from the Blood of the Wolf series while I wait for the buzz to pick up around it. I am writing a Horror novel at the moment based in the old west surrounding two brothers that are direct descendents of Salem Witches. Once I finish this book though I will be moving on to the rest of the Blood of the Wolf series. As well as various other projects I have started ad put on the back burner until the time is right.

Anything else you’d like potential readers to know?

If anyone would like to find out more about my current events writing or random rants they can find me at my blog www.dirtysancheznolube.com so named for my views governments treatment of the people. They treat us like dirty whores and don't really pay us what we're worth.

An excerpt from Blood of the Wolf:

Michael spent a lot of time daydreaming all morning. His classes bored him for the most part. All the knowledge that had been imprinted into his mind during the change had given him a better understanding of the subjects he was studying than even the teachers themselves. His knowledge of the history of this planet, along with science, mathematics and many other subjects was greater than that of some of the most gifted scholars on the planet. 
His lack of interest in class had begun to annoy his Algebra teacher Mr. McKinley so he grabbed an eraser and threw it at the wall right above Michael’s head. Something he did quite often to get the attention of students who began to snooze in his class. Today his aim was off and the eraser raced towards Michael’s face. With Michael’s heightened awareness and lightning fast reflexes he grabbed the eraser inches before it hit him without even thinking. Mr. McKinley stood dumbfounded as Michael slowly lowered the eraser down to his desk with a look of irritation behind a cloud of chalk dust.  
Can I help you with something? 
The rest of the class looked on in anticipation, some snickering while others wondered if Michael was going to beat the teacher’s ass.  
Michael I’m sorry, I never meant for the eraser to hit you in the head. I was just trying to get your attention.  
Michael looked at him with a great deal of annoyance.   
Try calling my name.  
Alan leaned in from the desk next to him.   
Dude, he called your name three times.  
A little embarrassed and feeling kind of foolish Michael looked back at Mr. McKinley with a smile.  
Oh, well in that case, what can I do for you?  
Mr. McKinley looked at Michael for a second in complete confusion before continuing.
Well we were discussing the quadratic equation and since you seemed to be so into the subject, I figured maybe you could work out a problem on the board for us.
Michael smiled, because he knew that with his newly acquired intelligence there was virtually no problem Mr. McKinley could throw at him that he couldn’t figure out. So without even giving it a second thought, Michael approached the board and worked out the problem within seconds. Then he turned to Mr. McKinley with a cocky sense of accomplishment.   
The least you could have done is make it difficult. 
Mr. McKinley was not pleased with how smug Michael seemed to be acting.   
Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware we were in the presence of a modern day Einstein. Here, maybe this one will be more to your liking.  
He wrote out a long equation that took up most of the board. When he finished he smiled with a bit of satisfaction that he had made his point as he handed the chalk to Michael.  
Have at it.  
Michael shrugged as he took the chalk and approached the board. He stared at it calculating for a few moments and then wrote out the answer, much to the shock and disbelief of Mr. .McKinley. Michael turned to hand the chalk back to him as he stared at the board in disbelief. 
More Information
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