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J. F. Kelly, Author of A Woman's Pleasure

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Today we are interviewing J. F. Kelly author of A Woman’s Pleasure.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
J.F. Kelly is the pen name of Warren Shepell. His first book, A Woman's Pleasure, was released on Amazon.com in August, 2014. Warren Shepell is a well-recognized pioneer in the field of Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and well-being in the workplace, among family members, couples, and individuals.  He started, developed, and ran Warren Shepell Consultants Corp/Warren Shepell-The EAP Professionals/Les Consultants Shepell Ltee. with an employee group of 460 full time and 1500 part time employees which he sold in 2005. He brought the concept of mental health counselling to the mainstream population.

 He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a PhD in Counseling and Clinical psychology. Now, using the pen name of J.F. Kelly, Warren Shepell brings his unique vision to erotic and romance novels and books that will promote women's rights, and equality between women and men not only at work, but also in the bedroom.

As J.F. Kelly, he gives voice to women and the men that respect each other, and to relationships, including erotic and sensual relationships between women and men that embody mutuality in their romantic and intimate encounters with each other.

Three of my favorite sayings personify my writings in A Woman’s Pleasure:

"Each of us has a heart, a soul, and feelings. Each of us desires to be wanted, to be appreciated, and to be loved."

"Making love is not something you do to someone―it's something you share. Lovemaking between men and women should be mutually pleasurably. Both women and men should be fully and completely satisfied."

"If women were totally satisfied with their sexual and lovemaking experiences, women would welcome the lovemaking experience as much as men."

Describe the premise of your book in a few sentences.
The book, A Woman’s Pleasure, captures the sizzling hot, yet romantic and sensually sexual adventures of twenty-five very different men as they encounter their first sexual, most erotic, and most sensual experiences in satisfying the desires of women in the erotic and romance book A Woman's Pleasure.

A Woman’s Pleasure by J.F. Kelly. Hot! Romantic! Erotic!  Each chapter of A Woman's Pleasure is devoted to a different man who is attentive, respectful and loving to women – and with each chapter, I accentuate the book’s purpose as a collection of sensual experiences to enlighten readers on the possibilities and the erotic joy of sexual equality, in and outside the bedroom. Women are always fully pleasured and satisfied. I strips off the abuse and male domination found in books like 50 Shades, instead insisting on giving the readers an insight into the rewards of mutual fulfillment through attentive intimacy, understanding, and romance – keeping things incredible hot without having to resort to extremes.

There are three levels at which you can read the book:
At the first level it is a cornucopia of sexual delights and a great fantasy read for both women and men. It has lots of romance as well as sensual encounters. At the second level, it recognizes that women are wired differently from men and the book empowers women to ask for what will pleasure them and satisfy them in lovemaking encounters. At the third level it is a book that teaches men to be great lovers and how to satisfy their women, and in knowing that by satisfying their women, they themselves will get satisfied.

Who do you think would most appreciate this book?
Women to feel empowered in the bedroom and ask for what pleasures them.
Men to become better lovers in sexual and intimate encounters.
Couples to enhance their lovemaking with the many different sensual, intimate, and erotic experiences described in the book.

What inspired you to write a romantic/erotic fiction that emphasizes the fulfillment of both parties?
When 50 Shades came out, a man dominated and controlled a woman. He practiced bondage and S & M with her. Most lovemaking that is satisfying involves an emotional and loving connection so I wanted to write a book that captured the fulfillment of both parties, where women drive the sexual choices and action as much as men do, and where women have as many sexual fantasies as men do making the erotic and romantic book diametrically opposed to 50 Shades.

Each story revolves around someone from a different background. Why was it important for you to have such a diverse cast of characters?
I set out to demonstrate that there are good men out there than make great lovers.  I wanted to provide a variety of fantasies and having such a diverse cast of men allowed me to do that.  Different women like different characteristics.

Who was your favorite character to write?
All of them really were great to write about.  Some of the men were more erotic in pleasuring their women; other men were more loving and sensual.  Nevertheless, they were always attentive and tuned in to their women, loved their women and always brought them to full orgasm and satisfaction. It was a treat to capture the variety of their lovemaking.

Your book is unique in that it is informative and teaches important lessons while at the same time being sensual and entertaining. Did you set out to write a book that accomplishes both of these goals? Or did it happen as you developed the story?
It happened naturally.  I am trained as a psychologist and I counseled couples for years.  I wrote a sensual, entertaining, romantic, and erotic book but behind the romantic and erotic scenes throughout the book my professional values came through.  Women were encouraged to discard some of the childhood teachings about how a woman should act in sexual encounters with men, women were encouraged to “unguilt” themselves about feeling sexy and enjoying sex. Women were encouraged to feel equal with men in their intimate and sexual encounters. Men were encouraged to see the men in my book as role-models and take the time necessary to make sure the women they are making love with enjoy orgasms and get pleasured.  It is a biological fact that most women take 5 – 6 times longer to release and have an orgasm.  You are so completely right – the book is informative and teaches important lessons while being sensual, entertaining, romantic, and erotic about lovemaking, intimacy and relationships between men and women.

How did your background in clinical psychology and counseling influence your writing?
My training and experience in clinical psychology was instrumental in writing this book.  I wrote the book as romantic and erotic fiction because more women and men would read fiction than if it were written as a textbook.

I am very knowledgeable in relationships between men and women and the psychology and men and women as well as their sexual encounters with each other.  I wanted men to be more aware that they can reach their release in as few as two minutes whereas women often need 10 – 16 minutes.

I know that very few men and women are educated properly in sexual matters, but even less educated in making love and being romantic.  They get into making out with each other and expect fireworks.  Well, it doesn’t happen that way. I wanted to show this but in a positive way through effective and pleasurable intimate lovemaking where there is an emotional connection between a man and woman, even in brief encounters.

Men watch porn which serves primarily only to satisfy men and women are used only as tools for men’s self-gratification.  My clinical psychology experience taught me that couples need to make love, not porn.  Furthermore, porn has men doing many things to women to women don’t like, yet young men graduating into lovemaking think that because they saw it in porn, that women want it.  Maybe a few women do, but most women don’t.

Finally, I wanted men and women to know and understanding sexual and intimate lovemaking can be rewarding and fulfilling for both women and men.  If we want, and we make the effort, we can move sexual expression and experiences from “what was” and “want is” to “what can be”!

What initially attracted you to the genre of romantic/erotic fiction?
I find that sex creates a lot of challenges and problems in both dating and in married situations. If the sex is good and pleasurable, people will stick together in relationships even when the road gets rocky in other areas of the relationship like finance, distance, temptations, parent wishes and demands, etc.  It is always important that men and women get fully satisfied in sexual and intimate relations with each other so my very first impulse was to write a book that emphasizes romance/eroticism in a favorable and positive light.

Also, I am a very romantic, sensual, and sexual person. I am full of wonderful sexual fantasies.  It was natural to write in the romantic/erotic genre.

Is there an author that had a major influence on your writing style?
I like Ernest Hemingway and Thomas Hardy but they did not influence my writing style.  They may in the future, but not in writing A Woman’s Pleasure.  A Woman’s Pleasure is written in a question and answer style where the men are honest and explicit in the way they satisfy their women.

How do you think you've evolved as a writer since when you first started?

This is my first book.

How do you feel about the increasing popularity of ebooks?
I embrace technology.  We are moving in that direction very quickly.  Ebooks are a natural outgrowth of this technical emergence.  Books are heavy and awkward to carry, and especially to travel with.  Many ebooks can be downloaded into one device which is usually light and convenience to use.  My only concern is that there are too many ebooks given away for free or are prices so low that they are literally free.  People five dollars for a cup of coffee.  They should pay that much or more for an ebook.

What are your goals as a writer for the next ten years?
To write a fictional book a year about romance, relationships, and women’s rights in the bedroom and sexual encounters – fiction but with grains of truth.

Have you ever had writer's block? If yes, how'd you deal with it? If you have not had writer's block, why do you think you haven't?
I never experienced writer’s block.  My brain is always thinking and I am filled with images and fantasies all the time.  I listen to others talk and get ideas from them as well, I get numerous ideas from newspapers, magazines, and film.  My advice for people who experience writer’s block is either to recort rather than write their thoughts and ideas and use the recorded ideas for writing or get a good friend to write down your ideas as you speak to them so later you use their notes to write what you said.

What do you have in mind for your next project?
To write a book solely about romance between men and women in relations.

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book?
One of the best things here would be to give you a review that I received from Scott Taylor:

Sex is designed for the pleasure of both parties and women should expect to be satisfied. That is the message in the book - A Woman's Pleasure - written by Warren Shepell, using the pen name J.F. Kelly.

A Woman's Pleasure is about the torrid and hot, but yet romantic, passionate and sensual, sexual adventures and fantasies of 25 different men. The book perfectly captures consensual, mutual lovemaking where women as much as men, drive the sexual lovemaking action and get pleasured equally.

It is no secret that men derive more pleasure from sexual intercourse. A study conducted by Indiana University Center for Sexual Health Promotion found that 85 percent of men said their sexual partner reached orgasm but only 64 percent of women said it actually happened. The report also found that women were more likely to reach orgasm when they engage in a variety of acts.

J.F. Kelly had several objectives when he set out to write A Woman's Pleasure. One of them was to hopefully change the above statistics and bring both sexes on a level playing field as it relates to sex.  He said, "I wanted to counteract the impact of pornography on young men. Pornography shows how men satisfy themselves without much regard for women's satisfaction, and often show men doing things to women that women don't like. I wanted to unobtrusively show men romantic and genuinely lovemaking and that lovemaking is not a one-way street. I also wanted to empower women to ask for and communicate their needs without being ridiculed and dismissed."

A Woman's Pleasure is already generating a positive response among the female audience, since being released on Amazon in July. One reader, Dawn, said "Wow! What a hot, romantic sensual book! Have only read the first few chapters but I love reading the stories of these men's personal encounters." Another reader, Christine said, "I loved it!!! It's better than 50 Shades of Grey!!!"

A Woman's Pleasure is available in paperback and eBook format on Amazon.com in the U.S, Amazon.co.uk in the U.K., Amazon.ca in Canada, and Amazon.com.au in Australia. For more information on the book, visit the J.F. Kelly's website at http://awomanspleasure.com/.

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