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Lory La Selva Paduano, Author of Wonderland Series

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Today we are interviewing Lory La Selva Paduano, author of "Wonderland Series."

Describe the plot of “Wonderland Series” in a few sentences.
 The white Covenant reigns for all eternity in Wonderland. It's the maker of all things good and evil, pure or soiled, damaged or saintly. Adira and her panel fight against insurmountable odds for all that is dear to them, for having ultimate powers and supremacy over all, had their on lookers envious and as always seeking their destruction.

Who is the target audience for “Wonderland Series”?

For the most part, the "Wonderland Series" was a story I began writing when I was 14. It clenches to the likes of readers who love the HBO series 'Game of Thrones' because the similarities are evident. Inspired by George R.R. Martins series, I began my own version at a young age, and continued in adulthood only to find out about him and his wonderful books just years ago. I like to bring realistic scenarios to the fantasy - fiction part, like I do with all my books.

What inspired you to set “Wonderland Series” in medieval times?

I love the old world, I love History, and I believe in some other life time, I may have lived it and being of noble blood myself, finding out through ancestry research, it all makes sense that I would naturally be connected to the era , even that of the 10th and 11th century where my grandfather's ''house name'', was the first name to make it to the nobility status and continued on well into the 21st century. As they say ''We can't hide who we really are'' or ''May History live on!''

Tell us a bit about the protagonist, Adira.

Adira is a well poised, young and an inexperienced teenager . She's a heroine, a good role model to young woman today, who are lost or misguided. Adira starts off as peasant girl, and she comes into a role of importance at a tender age, but as the books go on, she matures, and gains wisdom, she's also behind every great achievement Wonderland has ever faced. I'd like to say she is definitely the ''matriarch'' of all the characters, and definitely someone who has progressed through out her existence in Wonderland. She's unbreakable, a true testament to word ''Resilient''.

Are there any authors who have influenced your writing style?

Phiippa Gregory is an author I admire, when it comes to her books, in particular "The White Queen." She's flawless in her executions, her plots are grand, and her writing - divine! She's had some influence on me, and I imagine it's for the mere fact that we have similarities in different areas, when it came to medieval fantasy. I'm usually doing my own thing, and have so, since a young age.

Will fans of your other work find any similarities between your other work and “Wonderland Series”?

When writing Historical – Fantasy or Fiction, there's many elements that are the same. Wonderland has mythical creatures, whereas my fourth book "The High Priestess" or even the fifth book to come this summer 2015, "The Legacy of a Legend" don't hold fantasy at all. The importance of sticking to the genre of Historical – Fiction, hadn't only meant that I wasn't able to branch out in its categories. It's strategically done, but it isn't complicated, not for a seasoned writer like myself, the bottom line...History is always the foundation or undertone if you will, for all my story lines.

What do you have in mind for your next project?

As previously mentioned above, "The Legacy of a Legend" coming this summer, is my fifth and last book for little while. I'm going to take a break and tend to an illness that needs much attention. Nothing serious, but it does impede on my writing and so my therapist and I,  are going to take the time to correct it, so that I may bring my fans and the avid readers out there much more!

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book?

Wonderland was initially three books, each holding their own title of Book #1) A quest for the four keys in Wonderland, Book #2) Beyond Wonderland and finally Book #3) We are Legion, We are Wonderland'. These titles still exist, but they are captured in one book for the lover of all things big and continuous. Entitled the "Wonderland Series," the newly ''revamped'' book is also for the readers who never have enough, or for the people who want to purchase a one time package. Book 1, was initially written 26 years ago, by a teenage girl (me) who was lost in this world, and had to face many issues head on, issues that none of my peers around me understood or sympathized with me at the time. In my adulthood, I turned back the hands of time, and fed into my calling and almost three decades later the "Wonderland Series" was published!

Today, the 'Wonderland Series' is always a proud guest of all comiccons, in and around North America, and all my works will be featured this summer in Lafayette, Louisiana on television, a live author interview with a studio audience , for a dedicated show to their community and across America for channel 16 on AOC. Please look for me and my works, read my reviews on any of my books on Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble, also take a look at www.BlueInkreviews.com for what the leaders in the reviews industry had to say about the "Wonderland Series" Book 3. Please like my facebook page www.facebook.com/KingCamden, where there, you may also find the future buy links coming the first week of June, 2015. A fantastical story from beginning to end, it's sure to take you on a fast paced journey and an adventure that many have said it merits a place on  the silver screen.

"Wonderland Series" book description:
Action packed with all a gratifying story has to offer! For the reader who seeks danger, love, romances, sex and a cast of intriguing characters with a will of their own, this book is just the ticket. An ingenious approach to demiurgic storytelling, the author holds nothing back, as her daring and inviting plots will make you wish; you were part of the crew and stuck in Wonderland permanently.

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