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Piper Lawson, Author of Schooled (Book 1 of the Travesty series)

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Today we are interviewing Piper Lawson about her new adult/contemporary romance novel, "Schooled" (Book 1 of the Travesty series).

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a new writer and long-time romance novel devourer! I particularly love new adult and college-type romances, because they’re such coming-of-age stories. Though my background is in economics, writing is my REAL passion. This particular story, Schooled, has been burning in the back of my mind for a couple of years and I finally needed to get it out!

Who do you think would most appreciate this book?
Readers who like smart, sassy characters. A lot of romance novels - even contemporary ones - feature damsels in distress. I love strong heroines who aren’t afraid to say what they want.

Tell us a bit about the protagonists, Alexis Caine and Dylan Cameron.
Lex is stubborn - sometimes too stubborn - and thinks she has everything right. Dylan’s trickier because we don’t know all his secrets. We think he’s one thing, then find out it’s not that simple. They’re both surprised by what springs up between them, and at a loss for what to do about it. This book’s about how they deal with that.

Who was your favorite character to write?

Dylan. So many readers have said Dylan is their fave book boyfriend. He’s mine too :) I think the reason they like him is that he’s almost an anti-hero - he’s not the typical alpha male, or sports star, or guy from the wrong side of the tracks. Dylan has so many sides. It keeps you - and me! - guessing where his head’s at.

Are there any authors who have influenced your writing style?
So many. Ilsa Madden-Mills, Abbi Glines, Samantha Young, Jay Crownover. Colleen Hoover is masterful - she could wring emotion from a rock. My favourite is probably the writing duo of Christina Lauren. Their Beautiful Bastard series was a big part of why I decided to write.

What do you have in mind for your next project?

The second book of Travesty, Stripped (Ava’s story!) is due out in September. I’m partway through a third book that’s unrelated - but I’m excited to share it with the world this fall…

An excerpt from "Schooled":

The light brush of his lips was fleeting. I’d intended only to assess, but my eyes fluttered closed at the first touch. His mouth was just the right mix of hard and soft. A tingling lasted for seconds after his lips left mine, then faded into nothing at all. 
I felt strangely exposed until Dylan’s mouth came back. This time it was firmer, lingering. His lips brushed. And they clung.  
My eyebrows rose in surprise as little sparks ignited in my brain, pinpricks rising along my arms. Dylan’s mouth moved over mine, still slowly, but more deliberately by the second. 
The kiss was deceivingly casual, like Dylan himself—smooth on the surface with an edge lurking just underneath. It struck me suddenly that he was right: I didn’t know him at all, and it might be more than a little bit dangerous to assume I did. 
His lips slanted over mine, coaxing, his mouth asking for things that couldn’t be put into words. It felt like he wanted my permission to explore, to savor. I wanted to let him do that and more, and the realization shook me. I sucked in a breath, having to consciously will my hands to stay at my sides. 
After a moment, or five, he pulled back and I did too. 
Well damn. It was going to take me a moment to regroup—from his kiss and from my reaction to it. I blinked, trying to focus my gaze on the denim that stretched over his knee until my eyes uncrossed enough to meet his gaze. Our knees were still touching. 
Whoever had told him he didn’t have any moves was sadly mistaken. Part of me wanted desperately to see his eyes, but I didn’t trust myself to look up quite yet, though I could feel his eyes on me. “Well.” Was that my voice? I cleared my throat. “That was—” 
My words were cut off as I felt fingertips on the back of my neck, searing my skin as he pulled my mouth back to his.  
That’s when Dylan Cameron really kissed me. 
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