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Cherelle Vanhanegin, Author of Betrayal of Fate: Secrets Revealed

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Today we are interviewing Cherelle Vanhanegin about her young adult fantasy novel, titled, “Betrayal of Fate: Secrets Revealed.”

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Well I was born in Minneapolis Minnesota but, I grew up in Chicago Illinois. I’m 27 and I’ve always loved to read and write ever since I can remember. I am a mother, I have 4 girls 2 boys and I have a child who is fighting and winning against cancer. It's a bit of a tough road but things are going well. Other then that I am a business owner I love to sing and dance as well.

Describe the plot of your new book, “Betrayal of Fate Secrets Revealed,” in a few sentences.
The sons’ of King Siurue, go on a dangerous mission to eliminate the selected targets picked
sololy for them by the King.
Force to go on this mission by being threatened to kill or be killed, the boys regretfully accept it only able to take their uncle to assist them, leaving the only home they ever knew behind.
After meeting the target they will have to make the tough decision to kill them or be killed by
their clan.

Who do you think would most appreciate this book?
Any one who would like to dive into a captivating book, that will take them to a whole new place and can relate to some of the situations that happen.

The great Asheron Great War is an event that has a major effect on your book’s story. What can you tell readers about this book?
Thanks to the war, all supernatural beings can’t live in peace with humans. Some are hunted for
fun, while others are captured and used as slaves of all kinds, or experimented on in a gruesome
way. The decision the boys choose will be an impact on all the lives from both sides.

Have you always been interested in the young adult / fantasy genre? Or is it something that developed alongside your writing career?
I have always loved this genre. Most of my favorite authors write in this genre.

What can you tell us about the evil Priestess Juin?
Juin is very reserved and can come off cold at times, but she loves her family and would do
anything to keep them safe. That's all I can really say about her without giving away too much of
the truth.

A lot of your writing deals with a character that must make a decision that has major ramifications. Is this something you planned for your writing? Or is it something that arose once you started ironing out your plot?
Life as we all know is made up of the choices we make in life, easy choices, hard ones, even
very difficult ones. The one he had to make was particularly hard since he himself didn’t want anything to do with this mission after falling for his planned target, losing someone you love is something difficult to go through. Especially if its your fault it happened. So I think it's kind of both. It was planned out to make a tough decision to choose your clan or choose your love. Just not how it ended up being.

Tell us about the character, Sojiro.
He is a very strong warrior/ ninja, the best in his clan.He is very strategic, smart, and cunning. He has a very protective laid back personality.i can say he is one of my stronger powerhouse characters in the book due to his take on the things that happen in the book. Also he stands about 6’1, muscular, blondish white shoulder length hair, and green eyes and is 20 years old in this book. He loves his siblings more than anything.

What inspirations contributed to this book?
Music actually.

Is there an author that had a major influence on you while you were growing up?
J.K Rowling and Ellen Hoppkins.

How long have you been writing?
Since I was 7.

Who was your favorite character to write?
Zazmolina she is my favorite. She has a very laid back personality and she is very blunt and can be very funny at times.

What genre do you read most frequently?

How do you think you've evolved as a writer since when you first started?
I’ve become more confident in my writing. I was never able to finish a book once I got to the
middle of it. I’d always just say that it wasn’t good so i’d scrap it. But now I believe I've been
able to overcome that since then.

Are there any aspects (e.g. character building, world building) of your writing that you've been practicing?
Character building actually was surprisingly my weak point, so I've been working on it much more.

What are your goals as a writer for the next ten years?
To have multiple series published.

How have your readers responded to the book so far?
Very positive actually. One person told me it made her cry but she is very excited to read the
next one, and the others said they were so captivated by it they couldn’t put it down.

Is there any aspect of writing you don't like?
No not really. I actually enjoy it all.

Have you ever had writer's block? If yes, how'd you deal with it? If you have not had writer's block, why do you think you haven't?
Yes i have oh man yes. I do many things to help me with writer's block, I write , I can't think as many times as I can on paper until I come up with new ideas. I take a break to eat take a nap maybe watch a little anime or a movie just to take my mind off of being stuck and I get new ideas like that. I listen to music as well while writing my book. Most times i put the song on repeat to be able to keep focus on writing.

What do you have in mind for your next project?
The next installment of betrayal of fates. It's going to be 5 books installment. The whole series is going to be a thirty of forty book series. I also have books that aren’t apart of this series I'm working on at the moment.

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book?
I believe its an amazing story. The characters well most of them are lovable. You can actually
picture everything that happens in your mind for some it paints a very vivid picture i really
enjoyed writing this book so much i’ve read it over a million times myself lol mostly causes i've added new things i’m done with that now though but, I truly hope any one who reads it enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it and I really do hope that anyone that reads this that likes it stays with me on this journey to read every one of them.

fantasy werewolf, kitsune ninja, love betraya, deceit war family, young adult fantasy novel, betrayal of fate secrets revealed, Cherelle vanhanegin, ya fantasy novel, new ya fantasy,
Author Cherelle Vanhanegin.
Book excerpt from “Betrayal of Fate: Secrets Revealed":
“Not a good idea.” He pulled out a gun and pointed it at me. I stopped a few feet from him. 
“I thought maybe you’d come to your senses if I did this but if you insist on dying then I’d be happy to help you with that," he said as a click sounded from the gun. 
Then he looked at the gun and it made a clicking sound again. 
“You need bullets to kill with a gun, stupid…” We all turned to see a girl sitting on top of the shack with a ring blade around her. 
She had two black ponytails in her hair with many different streaks of pink purple and blue in it. Her skin was very pale and she was more on the petite side, she couldn’t be much older than twelve. 
“Here you might want these back. All though...they won't do you any good now.” she said as she through what I assume were the bullets back at him. 
“You sneaky bit-” 
“Ahahah...language. Your such a naughty boy...I love it” she laughed. 
Then she disappeared and reappeared behind him. 
“I don't know why you want to just play with Soji here…..no fair, I want to play to….you smell tasty.” she laughed. 
Then he swung his hand at her but she disappeared again....
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