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John Klymshyn | Deeper Dialogue: Conversations That Inspire

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Today we are interviewing John Klymshyn about his new self-help audiobook, titled "Deeper Dialogue; Conversations That Inspire." 

Tell us a bit about yourself and your interest in language.
My interest in languages began when I was a young man and was interested in traveling the world. I ended up joining the Navy and being sent to both Korea and Spain. I found that it is impossible to learn basic conversational rules or words or statements in any foreign language and not learn a little bit about the culture. Language shapes how we view the world. Language connects us. Many years later, as a father and had pre teenage children, my wife and I decided that the entire family should go to Europe. I sat down with both of my kids and explained to them that we were going to two countries where the native language was not English. I told them that a requirement of going was that each of them needed to be able to say:  “yes”, “No”,  “Please”, “Thank you.”, “How much is this…?” and “Where is the toilet?” in both of the languages of the countries we were going to visit. 
I wanted them to discover at their own pace that speaking a foreign language would open doors for them. We were not disappointed. People in both countries, upon hearing my kids attempting to pronounce words correctly in the language of the host country, were incredibly gracious to us. I'm convinced that both of my kids are more worldly, more aware, and more relational as a result of that trip. And, because they learned a little bit about the power of language.

Describe the purpose of your audiobook, “"Deeper Dialogue; Conversations That Inspire,” in a few sentences.
I wrote this book because I have been on a 20-year journey to connect language, music, inspiration, connection, creativity and the higher functioning of our minds. After years of conducting training in corporations, I found it deeper connections can be made by crafting informed and inspiring language. In addition, when I had the epiphany that language - at its core - is music… that realization opened a whole new arena of creativity, coaching, and training work that I deliver to corporations and organizations. 
Language audio book, deeper dialogue, use language better, john klymshyn, audible language book, language is music, interest in language, conversations that inspire

Who do you think would most appreciate this audiobook?
People who want to connect with others more consistently. People who want to lead, inspire, collaborate. I believe that this book is useful to creatives, leaders… people who are interested in personal development and need to work with others. One of the things I point out in the Audio Book is that nothing GREAT has ever been achieved by one person – all alone. Even the great artists in history had guidance, collaborators… and competitors. Most of all… this book is for people who want to do the BEST work they possibly can. It dovetails into my previous Audio Book: STREAM; Hack Your Consciousness. 

What inspired you to create this audiobook?
The work that I do with people who lead large teams. “It’s all about the language.” That statement has been my mantra for years. Now, in this Audio Book, I give deeper insight into how I view language, and what it can help us achieve. 

The concept of Deeper Dialogue is the major theme of this audiobook. Can you share with us what Deeper Dialogue entails?
Deeper Dialogue refers to the impactful, resonant conversations that we all crave. When we rush through our day, we miss subtleties, indicators and opportunities to learn more about others, because we are simply not paying attention. Another failing is a lack of awareness. People want to tell us stuff. They want to let us into their hearts. Yet we miss the indicators.
Deeper Dialogue is about DEPTH of relationship, DEPTH of connection, and how DEEP language can take us. Life is short. Let’s find more ways to connect with the people we spend the most time with. 
Language audio book, deeper dialogue, use language better, john klymshyn, audible language book, language is music, interest in language, conversations that inspire
John Klymshyn.

One of the strengths of Deeper Dialogue is that it is beneficial in so many different settings. Why do you think it is applicable across settings?
Because human nature is reliable. We, regardless of where we are from, how we were raised, or how much money we make… crave intimacy, truth and satisfying emotional experiences. 
This is true in Amsterdam and Atlanta, New Zealand and Nigeria.

After years of studying language, you’ve concluded that, at its core, language is music. Can you elaborate on what led you to this conclusion?
I think it was a slowly developing mental connection. It occurred to me in studying multiple languages how the nuances really boiled down to how things sounded. When I studied French i was fascinated with the slight subtle differences in vowel pronunciations and how they impacted the message. Over the years, i have studied Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, German and of course I'm still struggling with English. My first study of a foreign language was when i was in 7th grade. I was identified as someone with an ear for languages. Russian was so far and in so fascinating to me. So, the core connection boils down to the fact that the first musical instrument is the human voice. It follows, then, that language is made up of tone, tempo, accents, emotion, resonance, dynamics…and all of these are musical terms. My musical life began when I was nine years old. Music was big part of the curriculum where I went to Elementary School on Long Island. I started in concert band, playing snare drum, bass drum, and various percussion. My music teacher identified that I had an ear, and he put me on the Drumset for the Jazz band. I had a solo at a winter concert. I was twelve. 
My teacher then challenged me to learn to play the Baritone Horn. I studied, practiced, practiced more, and now… fifty years later, I have learned to play multiple instruments.
The language of music is the language of language.
What are we hoping people will think or feel when listening to us play? That question could just as easily end with the word “SAY.”

Did creating this audiobook take you to unexpected places or reveal things you hadn’t thought about before?
It did. I found that more of my life was centered around and inspired by music than I ever had before. 

What was the most challenging aspect of creating your audiobook?
Maintaining the energy level while recording. This audio book has an immediacy and enthusiasm that my producer believes will capture people’s attention. 

What do you hope readers will gain from listening to your audiobook?
Insight into how more effective they can be… how they can say less and accomplish more. How regardless of their involvement in music, to view language through the lens of the statement: “Language – at its core – is music” that their minds might be opened. And opening the mind makes the world a better place. 

How have listeners responded to your work so far?
This book will raise and help to answer one of the most important questions – What do I want to accomplish with my language?
Few things in life are accomplished by working alone. That is why communication is key to your success. 
John writes that communication requires collaboration and contribution from each participant and this is when his ideas on deeper dialogue come to light.

- Tomas Malcius., Sales Director, RNDV Group Lithuania

When you are given information to make your life better, easier or more exciting, it is generally things that are either too expensive or out of reach.  John Klymshyn shares his "real-life" list of 10 things to aspire to...every day.  I found myself doing many of those things that help me to communicate better with others.  I will be adding the ones I don't do and can't wait to see the differences they make.  I love being able to implement ideas immediately. – 

With companies like Audible gaining more and more subscribers, it’s apparent audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular. In your opinion, what are some advantages of audiobooks compared to traditional print books?
The ability to change the pace of delivery.
The portability. YOU can listen while driving. You can listen in your happy place.
AND… because I narrate my own work, you immediately get a sense of my passion for this material.

What do you have in mind for your next audiobook project?
MY friends and I have been talking about a book on what it takes to be a great Father… because we have been struggling with that assignment for years.
I am also speaking to former professional athletes who have found considerable success in the business world after their playing career, and they have some wisdom to share with younger athletes.

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your audiobook?
It is my passion project. I believe in it with all my heart and soul. I hope it speaks to them in a deep and meaningful way. 

About "Deeper Dialogue: Conversations That Inspire":
"Deeper Dialogue; Conversations That Inspire" is the next Audio Book you want to listen to. This is a powerful tool for people who work with others.
Leaders, future leaders, anyone interested in being an inspiration to others must understand The Power of Language. Learning and practicing a n approach to language called "Deeper Dialogue" helps you to connect, collaborate, and communicate ... BETTER.
John Klymshyn has spent many years studying and exploring language - how it works, where it comes from... and whether what we say (or ask!) RESONATES with others.
John Klymshyn (the author and narrator of this fascinating Audio Book) believes that language - at its core - is music. While listening to this Audio Book, you will learn about the intersections between language and music. You will learn key phrases that help you craft and deliver inspiring language. No matter what you do, if you work with, volunteer for, parent or support other people, you want to learn and practice Deeper Dialogue.
Go to Audible.com or iTunes and search "DEEPER DIALOGUE; CONVERSATIONS THAT INSPIRE"
Visit www.klymshyn.com (that's K L Y M S H Y N dot com) for more information.
John regularly conducts free webinars on this topic, so when you visit his website, click "Learn More" and fill in your information to be part of his community of followers and listeners.
"Deeper Dialogue: Conversations That Inspire."
The new, inspiring and insightful Audio Book by John Klymshyn
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