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Dennis Davis, Author Brethren of the Black Spot

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Today we are interviewing Dennis Davis about his sci-fi / adventure story, “Brethren of the Black Spot.”

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a man with a great and wonderful imagination I have been an entrepreneur for the most part of my life wanting to do it my way. My last business lasted 26 years in the flooring and construction business with a product I developed from my garage until bad times hit in 2008 when so much construction stopped. I have written poetry for many years just to understand life and myself. I am not a young man but very seasoned. This is the first book I ever wrote.

Describe the plot of your book. 
Brethren of the Black Spot is a book stepping back in time about navy SEALs on their way to another important mission in Jamaica. They encounter an odd-looking fog then go through it, finding themselves back in time in 1692. The six navy SEALs encounter unexpected badass pirates in a tavern as they are trying to find out where they are. The story is also a love story when one navy SEAL falls in love with the governor’s daughter while trying to rescue her and her two friends from the pirates. The story takes place in Port Royal Jamaica, a real city back in 1692 called the wickedest city on earth. The navy SEALs end up in a number of battles with the worst of the worst pirates on earth, using their weapons against the pirate’s weapons of the day. The worst earthquake did take place in real time in 1692 that totally destroyed Port Royal Jamaica.

Who do you think would most appreciate this book?
I believe anyone who loves to read about adventure and science fiction and a love story.

What inspired you to write a story about Navy Seals transported to 1692?
I just finished a book about Navy Seals and their adventures. (my favorite subject) I started to read a book about pirates and their adventures. I got the bright idea why not combine the two that could be an interesting plot and story. 

How do the Navy Seals react to being transported back in time?
They are flabbergasted, and surprised not believing in time travel in the first place. 

Are the Navy Seals able to use their weapons and tactics effectively against the pirates? Or are they so outnumbered they struggle?
Please understand that Navy Seals go against all kinds of odds against them and succeed. The interesting part is when modern day weapons meet the pirate weapons you will have to read about that. That was one of my favorite parts to write about.

Can you give us a feel for the time period, what it was like in Port Royal, Jamaica in 1692?
I researched information about Port Royal, Jamaica (it did exist) before I wrote my first words down. The town was very interesting and called the most sinful town in the western hemisphere. Thousands of pirates made up most of population with shops great jewelry stores and so many bars and taverns. In my book I describe the town to a tee it had no sewer system and murders took place every day it was a lawless town.

Did you have to do much research to capture the time period?
I enjoyed the research I did; I wanted my story to reflect the truth and feeling about the place.

A horrible earthquake took place in Port Royal, Jamaica in 1692. How did it affect the region?
Yes, the earthquake really affected the region with the destruction it created an 8.2 earthquake. That is a very important part of my story. Port Royal sunk into the sea and no more pirates were there again.

The book seems to transcend genres with elements of science fiction, adventure. Did you always know you wanted to include these elements in the story? Or was it something that evolved as you wrote?
I thought about the story for about 2 years and read a number of books on the subject before I began to write it down I wanted the story to be logical, interesting, and believable. When I started writing of course things changed that is what is so interesting and fun about writing fiction.

brethren of the black spot, dennis davis, dennis davis author, navy seal pirates, navy seal fiction, pirates fiction, pirates novel, Jamaica novel
We wanted to say that the cover of the book is perfect and reflects the story perfectly.
Thank you.

Is there an author that had a major influence on your writing?
Yes, his name is Richard Marcinko he was a Navy Seal one of the best and started Seal Team 6. Meeting him would be a dream come true.

How long have you been writing?
I started writing my first book in 2009 I’ll tell you it is a daunting process. I have been writing my poetry since 1976 I understand it is not the same process. Since then I have written 13 eBooks and two more science fiction books and working on my fourth book. 

Who was your favorite character to write about?
I would say the main character of the story Lt. Darren James he makes everything flow together.

What are your goals as a writer for the next 10 years?
To tell you the truth I do not see myself writing stories in 10 years so many things will change for me. I am so proud of what I have written though.

How have your readers responded to the book so far?
I would have to say very positive and their comments mean everything to me. All I really want is for people to enjoy what I have written.

Is there any aspect of writing you really like?
I really like the challenge of looking at a blank page and filing it with my thoughts. Like a painter that looks at a blank canvas and then paints a beautiful picture.

Have you ever had a writer’s block?
Yes, I have that is part of writing just except it do something else and the thoughts will begin to come into your head again.

Is there anything else you’d like potential readers to know about your book?
I would like you all to know my stories come from my imagination and my soul when I write my hope and pray you will enjoy my writing.

Is there any advice you would like to share with writers?
I will tell you this you never write alone I can feel a spirit around me when I write helping me to tell an interesting story. Take time to listen to the voice it is there to assist you it may be your guardian angel or maybe even God. Write your story making it interesting to you first.

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