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Tamala J Coleman, Author of "Unspoken" My Past, My Pain, My Story.

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Today we are interviewing Tamala J Coleman about her book, "Unspoken" My Past, My Pain, My Story.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a Woman who loves to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to Encourage and Inspire People that I come in contact with. 

Describe the purpose of your book, "Unspoken" My Past, My Pain, My Story, in a few sentences.
“Unspoken” is my life story. It is my kept silence for nearly 50 years. I share my Transparency in this book and it’s my prayer that it will help others to see their value and worth. 

Who do you think would most benefit from reading your book? 
This book will possibly connect and benefit someone who has felt they are unworthy, it will connect and benefit someone who has been in a domestic violence situation and torn between loving themselves  

What inspired you to write about your life’s journey, including your past and pain? 
I have many platforms in which people share their testimonies with me and share indebt life experiences that really touch me. Yet, I have had it on my heart for many years and took a leap of faith to share it with the world. We all have a story. 

Your spirituality plays a big role in your life. Have you always had a relationship with God? 
I would have to say Yes, I grew up in the church. Although, my true relationship with Christ started in my Young Adult years and became even stronger as I went through different experiences in my life.   

You talk about God being your Alpha and Omega and the role of God embedding your destiny in your alpha. Can you share a bit more about this for the readers? 
First of all, God is everything, He knew us while we were yet in our mothers womb; He's an All-Knowing God. Therefore, He knows all of the plans He has for us. Although, during a time in my life I felt like God wasn’t there, but He was there all the time. Oftentimes He was silent. God never leaves, us we leave Him.

Having overcome many struggles in your life, you have any recommendations for someone who feels hopeless as they go through a tough time? 
I would encourage anyone that may be going through a tough time in their life understand that no one is without problems in this life. We all have to live this life and sometimes unfornately, we have to overcome some of the cards we have been dealt with. I encourage you to don’t give up for Trouble’s don’t last always. There may be some rough patches, some setbacks and even some delays but if you stay faithful and unmoveable things will work out.  

unspoken by tamala j coleman, christian memoir author
Author Tamala J Coleman.
Did writing the book take you to unexpected places or reveal things you hadn’t thought about before?
Yes, of course it really brought back some painful memories and some in which I did not want to remember. Yet, it was a part of my process and I’m glad I went through some of it because it only made me stronger. 

Can you tell us a bit about your writing process?
Wow, I decided almost 3 years ago to intiated my story. I can remember writing a little and stopping and making sure I did not forget anything. Like in the beginning of the book I start with my birth story and I had to ask my parents about that part being I was born in Germany. Even as I think back after speaking with my parents about my birth it was hard and brought tears to my eyes.  

What was the most challenging aspect of writing the book?
I would say the most challenging aspect of the book was writing some things that even my parents nor my children did not know about and my current husband who has been my rock. I haven’t shared my story with anyone. So this book will really be a shocker to many of my family and friends.  

How did the book evolve from the initial idea to the finished manuscript?
Two years ago I made up my mind to finish my manuscript I would write a few pages almost every other day. I have taught myself that you have to be consistent in bringing a book to the forefront. I disciplined myself and it all became what it is today.     

For the readers who have read your book, do you have any recommendations for other inspirational books about someone’s life journey?
Yes, I would recommend to always be transparent, UnApologetic and be truthful. No one knows your story like you do. Never hold back even though it may hurt and it may even be painful but it’s a part of your process and your healing. 

What do you hope readers will gain from reading your book?
My hope is that my readers will see me in a different light. Some see your Glory but they miss and don’t know your story. My hope is that my readers will also understand their value and we cannot judge someone else's life. We must be compassionate and loving and kind to everyone because we don’t know what others have gone through and are still trying to overcome. 

How have readers responded to your book so far?
I am so amazed that during my promotion period my family and friends truly showed me they were surrounding me and supportive. I finished the night of my promotion on Amazon on the list of Best Sellers. I am still on cloud nine right now.

Can you share how your interest in writing developed? Did you always know you wanted to write or was it something that evolved with time?
Yes, as a little girl I would write in an notebook about my days journey. I did not have a diary during that time. I would write poetry but then later as I grew older I stopped writing until I was well into my 30’s. I must say since then I have written eight books since 2007 working on # 9. 

Are there any authors who have influenced your writing style?
Yes, I would like to say that Maya Angelo has influenced me. She has a sense of seriousness in her writing. I also love Joyce Myers' writing as well.

In ten years, where would you like your writing career to be? 
Umm, that’s good question. I would love to write for a magazine or even have my own magazine just for Authors. God has given me a vision already for this. Not sure when but I know it will come to past.

How do you feel about the increasing popularity of ebooks?
Actually, during my promotion I promoted my book as a Kindle Ebook its seems to be the way people read on the go. It’s convenient but I must also say I love a physical book in my hands. 

What do you have in mind for your next writing project?
Well, I have written many devotionals, poetry books and one children’s book. My next writing project will possibly be to bring Authors in to Collaborate in a book for Men and Women Authors.

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your book?
My book “Unspoken” speaks to my life in my time of darkness and despair. It was a time in which I felt all was lost or my future would never be bright. Yet, God had another plan and He has turned it all around for my good. My story may not be your story but we all have a story a past but we all also have a future that reveals to us who we really are and who we can become.  

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