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Pamela D. Smith, Lakysha Starks-Sampson, and Rennata Cage Becks

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Today we are interviewing Pamela D. Smith, Lakysha Starks-Sampson, and Rennata Cage Becks about their books: “She Won't Fail,” “Money Will Bring Your True Character Out,” and “Scarred but Healed.”

Tell us a bit about yourselves and what brought you together to support each one another.
RB: I am a caring, passionate, ambitious young lady. Kysha and I grew up as friends and Pamela helped me publish my 1st book and she's an inspiration. 

Lakysha: My name is Lakysha Starks- Sampson, I’m the wife of Trent Sampson and the author of two books, Bossn’ Around and Money will bring your true character out. I have one biological daughter named London Dade and one bonus daughter name Samora Sampson. My husband and I are the owners of LaPaz L.L.C. It’s a mental health and substance abuse facility in Ruston LA.   Rennata is my bestfriend for over 17yrs, and I‘ve known of Pam since I was a young child. I’ve always known of her to be a true Woman of God.  She and I became acquainted five years ago when I asked her to publish my book. Over the years of us working together she has helped me out a lot on coming out of my box and step out of my comfort zone.   We all were brought together to support one another because we all seek God and have a close relationship with him. We all have a desire to empower women on getting to know God, trust in him and not what man says, and we all include God in all of our plans, and we want to help others to set goals and not limits.

Pamela: I’m a wife, mother, and what I consider a kingdom servant. Several titles have been attached to the things that I do but when you sum them all up I’m a servant. What brought us together is both of these ladies are publishing clients of mine. Working with them was such a joy and I saw something in each one of them that made me eager to pour into them to help them reach some of their goals as an author. I wanted others to see what real women empowerment looks like.

What drew each of you to write inspiring books about empowering women?
RB: I've experienced many trials, from loosing my parents and other loved ones, after being diagnosed with cancer myself, I knew I could encourage someone else to never give up.

Lakysha: Well I’ve always wanted to write a book to inspire someone to know that it doesn’t matter what side of the track or neighborhood you were raised on, you can do anything if you have just a little faith and the help of God.

Pamela: I don’t believe that we go through anything that can’t be shared in a manner to help someone else. Most of the time what we go through is so much bigger than us so I wanted to write in such a way that my experiences would inspire other women.

Faith plays a major role in all of your books. Can each of you share a bit about your experience with your faith and how it impacts your writing?
RB: I was raised to believe in God for all things and His word will not return void, regardless of what the doctors said I knew I was healed and I never allowed anyone to speak negatively over me. 

Lakysha: My faith impacts my writing to let someone know that nothing is neither too big nor too hard for God to bless you and give you the desires of your heart. Just trust the process. 

Pamela: My faith impacts my writing because I am able to share how I have trusted God so many times, in so many situations and because of my faith things worked out just as God promised.

Who do you think would most appreciate your writing?
RB: I believe anyone that has experienced hardship and has or is willing to overcome will appreciate my writing. 

Lakysha: I think a person who has felt that they have been counted out, don’t have a  college degree, has a past, a not so good family history , or anyone scared to do the impossible will appreciate my writing. My writing will encourage readers to know that the sky is the limit. If you can think it, then you can do it.

Pamela: I think millennial women who are looking to develop or enhance their relationship with God will appreciate my writing. Those who are looking to be redeemed and restored without having a bible shoved down their throat.

Tell us a bit about the RP Smith Agency and its vision. 
Pamela: RP Smith Agency is a faith-based publishing agency where we help aspiring authors self- publish their books and then use their book to build their brands. The vision expands further than just publishing but because we are not quite 2 years old yet we wanted to start there and have plans to expand from here.

Your writing empowers women and teens to build a spiritual foundation and align their success goals with their spirituality. Do you have any advice for women and teens who wish to get started on this journey?
Pamela: My advise is to develop a relationship with God, understand what His will for your life is, and then live in the truth of that. Understanding His word helps to understand who you are as a person and I think it’s a must that you understand the person before you can operate in the purpose.

On a similar note, what are some of the struggles women and teens today face when trying to achieve their success goals?
Pamela: Comparison! Women and teens are struggling with self confidence because of comparison. Their best doesn’t seem good enough because they are using someone else’s measuring stick

Has your writing taken you to places or revealed things you hadn’t thought about before?
Pamela: Absolutely. To God be the glory. For example, when I go back and read my first books and the books I have recently released I get a chance to see how much I have grown as an individual and how my values and the things I place importance on have changed. Becoming an author has allowed me to meet so many great people, attend so many great events, and created so many opportunities (personally and professionally).

Can one of you share a bit about your writing process?
Lakysha: Initially when I started writing five years ago, I was a procrastinator because I didn’t know how to start writing my book. I didn’t understand the audience attention that I needed or wanted to reach. I was a bit nervous; I was worried if people would like it or even read my book. 

Could each of you tell us about your latest book?
RB: Scarred But Healed tells how I overcame a rare breast cancer diagnosis, after losing my nephew, maternal grandmother, father, mother, and mother in-law which were all diagnosed with cancer. 

Lakysha: “Money will bring your true character out” was to inspire readers not to rely on your money but to rely on God. The book talks about how our character is sometimes different depending on our money situation.

Pamela: My latest book, She Won’t Fail, is a book with 12 steps that helps women align their success goals with their spirituality in order to live a purpose driven life.

How have readers responded to your writing so far? 
Pamela: Readers have responded in a very positive way, a way that I am extremely grateful for. Because of the positive response I am a multi Amazon best selling author. 

Are they any authors who have influenced your writing styles?
RB: I have read a lot of books and like a lot of author's writing, but I cannot choose one that influenced my writing style. 

In ten years, where would you like your writing careers to be?
RB: 10 years from now I plan to be on a larger platform, I don't only want to write, I want to make a difference, especially with breast health and encouraging others.

Lakysha: I said that this was my last book writing. In ten years, I’m hoping that I will be able to continue to reach readers and that my previous books will sell inside of books stores across the country. 

Pamela: In 10 years I’ll be tapping into a realm in the publishing industry that I haven’t tapped into yet. I plan to also be more behind the scenes at RP Smith Agency. Right now I am on the forefront and it’s because I started building a personal brand before we started RP Smith Agency, so that’s what works now, but I’m ready for a role reversal and ready to do some of the behind the scene work and allow someone else on the team to be the face and voice of the agency.  

What do you have in mind for your next writing project?
RB: I am working on my next project and I want it to encourage and empower people with tools to become a better version of themselves and not focus on how others view them. 

Pamela: My next writing project was completed over a year ago, it’s just waiting to be released. That’s really the output of my work product. It’s usually written and completed long before it’s released. 

Is there anything else you'd like potential readers to know about your books?
RB: If you're experiencing any kind of doubt, pick up a copy of my book and be encouraged in the Lord and yourself because anything is possible as long as you believe.

Lakysha: I want potential readers to know that my books are not only to empower women but to empower men also. I want them to know that you can do anything and don’t allow your money to dedicate you mood.   

Pamela: I want readers to know that our writing is not about us but it’s our way of serving them and letting them know that God is within them and they will not fail.

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