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P.R. Sharp, Author of Slug on a Bone

metaphysical journey, fantasy adventure, life after death, visual storytelling, conscience, pr sharp, slug on a bone
Today we are interviewing P.R. SHARP about his new metaphysical / fantasy fiction book, titled “Slug on a Bone.”

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m 54 and live in Yorkshire UK with my Border Collie ‘Moya’. I’ve been a struggling, rejected writer for years and have a box of rejection letters going back to about 1994!
I started self publishing in 2015 with my first book Ace of Spades Chronicles and have ‘numerous projects in various levels of development,’ as they say.

Describe your book, “Slug On A Bone,” in a few sentences.
It was very hard to come up with a suitable outline that wouldn’t give the situation and the conclusion away too soon, so I think that the back cover blurb sums it up best. (Hope that’s not a cop-out?)
Jack Finch knew who he was. He knew that he was madly in love with a girl called Marie. He knew that he might have done something very bad. He also knew that his conscience and his will power had somehow manifested into flesh & blood & kept turning up in the strangest places. And that’s about all he knew…Pursued by a malevolent force and possibly suffering from amnesia, he had no idea where he was, how he arrived or where he was heading and didn’t know what he would find when he got to his destination. Wherever that might be. Whatever was happening, it would take Jack on a fantastically allegorical, at times frightening and occasionally funny journey of discovery and revelation.

Who do you think would most appreciate this book?
I think it has the potential to attract quite a broad range of readers, which will hopefully invite very different but positive reactions from males & females alike. If the reader likes a bit of mystery wrapped up in a metaphysical fantasy/horror with a smidge of a love story, they are in for a ride.

Tell us about the protagonist, Jack Finch.
Oh Jack. He’s a good lad, but he has issues. He’s complex to the point where even he doesn’t know just how complex he is. 

Jack, who may be suffering from amnesia, must embark on a journey to find answers. With all the unanswered questions plaguing Jack, how does he find direction during his journey?
There is no obvious direction or path for Jack to follow. The journey is the direction, if that makes sense? He makes a decision very early on to let it take him where it may, and deals with each situation/question at it arrives.

Is there an author that has had a major influence on your writing?
Stephen King. 

Who was your favorite character to write?
Definitively Jack, but Marie comes a close second.

metaphysical journey, fantasy adventure, life after death, visual storytelling, conscience, pr sharp, slug on a bone
Author P.R. Sharp.
How do you think you've evolved as a writer since when you first started?
My motivation to get the stories out of my head has improved for sure. Most writers will relate to a spot of procrastination when it comes to getting started on a project, and I now have the self discipline to write every day, but it wasn’t always like that. 

Are there any aspects (e.g. character building, world building) of your writing that you've been practicing?
I’ve never really had a problem with that side of things, but being a good editor takes practice. Knowing what to cut is key. 

What are your goals as a writer for the next ten years?
To keep writing everyday. I would love to see one of my stories made into a movie.

How have your readers responded to the book so far?
Very positive. They love the premise and can picture the events as they unfold very clearly.  A few toes curled and a few tears shed.

Have you ever had writer's block? If yes, how'd you deal with it? If you have not had writer's block, why do you think you haven't?
I see writers block as a necessary evil. It can be incredibly productive to be in creative limbo. Your mind is so preoccupied with the problem, it can be quite depressing; so I go back to the beginning and re read and edit as I go until I return to the block. It usually takes a couple of attempts using this method to break through, but it works, and it helps tighten up the previous draft. 

What do you have in mind for your next project?
A 100% horror story set in the North Yorkshire Dales based on a script I wrote a few years ago called ‘Redcap’. Also currently writing a sequel to Ace of Spades Chronicles and a time travel/flash point love story. 

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